Using Magic Bullet Looks to create a Tilt Shift look for a timelapse

I am down in Key West doing some filming for Kessler Crane, whilst here I am of course doing lots of timelapses. Last night was something called “Independence Day”? No idea what that is about, anyway they had fireworks so I shot a timelapse of it using my 1DmkiV and 14mm Canon F2.8L lens. My 24mm Tilt Shift was doing a motorised timelapse at the same time hence I wanted to create a fake one. So I used Magic Bullet Looks to do and made a short tutorial showing you how I did it.

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and here is the one I did using the Kessler Crane Revolution head and a real TS lens…

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  1. great fx, beautiful shots, awesome timelapses 🙂
    The only thing magic bullet lacks is a key frame fonction (or maybe I just don’t know where it is and how to use it with premiere cs4).
    And I don’t get what this “independay day” could be neither…lol 😉

  2. Amazing!So that’s it,thanks!
    I watch your movies every week,form a habit,like it very much

  3. ahahahahah… need to learn a little bit of history eh?
    Independence day was when America became independent from Britian. (so i think)

  4. phil,

    i never post on your site, just constantly browse it daily. thought its about time to tell you that you rule. lovely timelapse btw.

  5. Very cool effect. It gave us Americans another great opportunity to play with explosives, break out the grill, and drink cold beer

  6. Hi Philip,

    You should really try out After Effects for editing your timelapses. The 64-bit engine now is so powerful that you can drop in unedited RAW files as a sequence, apply changes to the CR2 files and then add some MBL afterwards.

    Works like a charm.

  7. Wow, the Kessler Crane time lapse is SICK!
    The combination of tilt-shift, time lapse and crane movement makes an ordinary world look like a sandbox filled with toys.
    Loving it.
    How do you get the movement so smooth? Did you program the Crane? Or did you do it manually?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial Philip! BTW the timelapse looks really nice 🙂
    I don’t know if you can help me with this but may I ask you what computer are you using for editing and how good it is?
    I use an old MacPro (2006) 2 x 2.66Ghz – 8GB of RAM and rendering a 1min 30sec ProRes (1920×1080) timeline takes hours!! Using MB Looks and some other filters. Is it normal or I have to buy a new computer?? Thanks!

  9. If Independence day was when America became independent from Britian, when was Mars attacks?

    Nice shots!. I will try putting the camera on my Meade ETX90 telescope.


    1. I mean not connecting (optically) the camera to the telescope, but piggybacking on it and moving with its “motion control”.


    1. Richard, patience is needed by you. i run the website by myself and comments back up. Each one needs to be approved.

  10. I have already QuickTime Player X installed on my computer and it won’t let me install another quicktime player. However, I saw in your tutorial that you have them both running on your computer. Any hints you could give me?