Using a monitor on the 7d is much better than with the 5dmkII

I hadn’t actually tested this out until today. But great news. I have my Marshall monitor plugged into the 7d right now and when you hit record it doesn’t drop down resolution or aspect ratio. SO much better than the 5dmkII which drops down to 480p.

It’s not full HD so you still can’t use a Nanoflash or something else but for monitoring it is SO much better. Great news!!


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  1. oooh, say more about this!!!! This is incredible news. What exactly is the output? 1080i? 720p? What about the onscreen display, is it still there? Take a photo of the mashall on the camera and show us!

    Even if it is 1080i there will no doubt be some people that would STILL want to use a nanoflash.

    Great news!

  2. hey phil do you still have that protech rig? if so how would it work with a 7d a mattebox, while using the v-mount batts to power the marshall?

    I’d love to see it all together sence it’s what i’m looking at for my setup.

  3. I am student filmmaker and I am looking to buy a Video DSLR and I am not sure if i should get the 5D Mark II or the 7D. I mean the 7D does have more film qualities but everyone says the 7d is a step down from 5D which scares me a bit.

    Which one would you recommend Philip?

      1. hey…
        ok, im testing it on a syncmaster t240 and it work 🙂
        really nice to see the live view on a big screen.
        perfect for our studio sessions 🙂

        dani !

  4. Hi Philip, love how your out there helping people with this stuff..
    I’m just about to buy some gear and have been deliberating between 5DII and 7D, want to get 2 cameras, so thought I’d get one of each as I shoot two cameras. Soooo hard to decide, camera rate (slow mo) v’s pic quality etc. etc. I have a 5DI, so I know how great the piccys are. I wanted your help on buying an external montior, you’ve got the Marshall, I was looking at the VLCD70PHDMI, is that okay for either cameras? What should I be using if not and does it work on both (ie. aspect ratios)…

  5. Hi Philip and Friends,

    On the subject of small HDMI capable monitors:
    What do you all think of this Lilliput model:

    Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C 8 inch HDMI TFT- LCD VGA monitor (no touchscreen) +DVI?

    Anyone familiar with it and build quality? For just over $200, it might be worth looking into?

    Here’s the link:

    Looks like they supply an optional battery pack too.

    Keep well and thanks for advising.

    Best regards,


    1. it’s cheap for a reason Dave. I’ve been there, bought at least half of dozen pile of poo monitors before i plumped for the Marshall. At NAB both small HD and Marshall had their new 5″ monitors. They are awesome and much more affordable

      1. Thanks for your insight Philip; much appreciated. The new Marshalls sound great. I’ll make a point of checking them out.

        I’m glad to see you’re coming to Toronto soon. I’ll very much look forward to meeting you.

        Until then, thanks for generously sharing your knowledge Philip.

        Keep well,


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