Tent Rock, New Mexico

Well I have finished shooting this part of the documentary. It’s gone really, really well.

We started in LA, then went to Vegas and then onto Albuquerque. We hit the other locations later on. But for now I will return to London and the wind and rain. I will post some more stills of the shoot soon in the meantime…

In the very brief moments when I wasn’t filming the doc or trying to sleep I shot two little shorts. This is the first of them.

It’s called Tent Rock and it was filmed at er, Tent Rock in New Mexico. I wont say much more about it. If you want to find out google it.

So here are some shots of me shooting it and of course the short!

The hoodman LCD protector came in very handy in the intense sunshine.

I also had a few specks of dust on the GG which I need to clean soon.

Download the 700 version

Download the 720 version

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  1. I’ve been there before. Have some beautiful pictures and I love that place! Beautiful footage man!

  2. Amazing work Philip. It looked like the adapter failed you a few times there, but overall great work.

    Richard Clark

  3. I should have mentioned. Shift Tilts lenses were used a lot.

    Music is Planet of the Apes by Jerry Goldsmith

  4. Tentrocks, eh? heheheheh
    about 15 min’s from mi casita.
    Tuff place, if you’re not used to the lighting.
    Sorry, dude, hate to sound arrogant…it only took me 12 years to figger out how capture it…LOL… I hate arrogance…what I like about you…don’t seem to have it…

    It gets to ya, doesn’t it?
    I can tell by the things you’ve pisted.

    All my love to ya dude.

  5. YEAH missed him. We only had an hour there before we had to get back to Albuquerque.

    What do you mean about the Letus failing?

  6. hello philip what kind of tripod are using
    whats the weight limit on that tripod
    how heavy is ure rig


  7. hello again
    what kinda lens is that
    i just finish downloading the footage it really looks good


  8. Very nice footage and an unusual place. Recognised the music instantly. Was waiting for a posse of gorillas to come charging around the bend on horseback.

  9. Jeez, Philip, amazing stuff as usual! I’m watching it over and over again!

  10. Chris, it must be Miller Solo DV or VJ tripod the latter has 30kg weight limit but I have sat on it that means 76kg load and the leg locks didn`t fail (not recommended).

    Great CC btw, my favorite sunny day colors.

  11. the tripod is a miller solo carbon fibre ds20. Don’t know the load limit, It’s an amazing tripod.

    Used all sorts of lenses 17-35mm f2.8 zoom, shift tilt lenses, 50mm zeiss, 100mm zeiss macro

  12. Very nice!
    Do you use ND filters in front of the 35mm lens in the bright sun? Or do you get by with the internal NDs?