New section on site: Marketplace


This is a place where all you peeps can buy and sell your old gear so you can buy loads of nice new gear or pick up much needed cheap deals.  

It’s also a place to find people for your project, but please don’t use this as a place to advertise your services…

Please can we keep this an honest, no rip-off place. If it starts to get abused I will have to remove it. Each advert will need to be checked by me before it gets posted but accepts no responsibility for any transactions that go wrong. This is just a place for you guys to hook up with each other and offload stuff you don’t need anymore and to find a bargain. Let’s hope it works!

Advertise by posting a comment and make sure you are registered so people can email you directly for more info. let me know when it is sold and I can delete the advert. This is a free service so let’s make it work!

Please click on the link in the subsection on the right to go the right area.


Let’s make this a really cool resource and place to come to get that bargain!

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  1. Maybe kick it off by selling that GH1 to one of us? 🙂 haha.. I can’t wait to see the demo you shoot.