New 7D firmware already coming out this month



Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 10.14.59Not sure what it does or fixes as information is very sketchy but I understand it comes out mid October and will available for user download and install from here:

I have heard from a user who spoke to Canon that it addresses an issues in 720p mode. Not sure what that issues is but as soon as I know I will share AND BEFORE YOU ASK, I have no info on 5dmkII firmware!!


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  1. According to my source at Canon, the firmware will be available (At least in Japan) this Monday morning (19)… This firmware SHOULD fix the Moire Pattern that can be see in 720p but also in 1080…

    1. As Canon told us… the firmware 1.0.9 is live this morning (for us early in Japan)

      Firmware Version 1.0.9 incorporates the following fixes.

      1. Improves AF accuracy during Live View shooting.
      2. Corrects a phenomenon where in rare instances, movie images shot by the camera may exhibit abnormal colors.
      3. Corrects a phenomenon that at certain timings, the shutter cannot be released when the camera’s built-in flash or an external Speedlite is used for shooting.

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