NAB 3: Recording of live show includes interview with Digital Bolex and revisiting “Critics”

Day one of the show is over, and I finished it off with a live show at the Teradek studio where I did a wrap up of day one with the Bui Brothers, an interesting chat with the Joe and Elle who are behind Digital Bolex, and an epilogue to the web show I did with Steve Weiss, “Critics.”

You can watch the recording of the stream below, and can also see the video that we critiqued below, from Chris Weatherly.

Open Your Eyes from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.

Score: “Open Your Eyes” by Andrew Belle – ( used with permission.

The song can be downloaded from iTunes:

Shot entirely on the Canon 7D using various Nikon AIS and D lenses.

Special thanks to the Brandon and Jessica for allowing me to document this difficult season of their lives.



  1. Amazing job by Chris Weatherly on “Open Your Eyes”. This one struck real close to home having shared a similar loss. It was tastefully done and with a lot of class. It’s a wonderful tribute and a testament to Brandon and Jessica’s faith. It’s a faith I wish I had.

    Thank for the post Philip.

  2. Hi Philip… I guess I’m a fortunate fella, I was able to get one of the cameras (of the first 100), this guys are great!, growing RAW is the route…

    See you in Key West, I’m static about the masterclass!

    Sergio Pizzolante

  3. Hello Philip,
    First I would like to congratulate you for your great Blog.
    It has a lot of useful information and to be honest, part of me wanting to make the next step and became a filmmaker was kinda influenced by your beautiful work.
    I had the need to tell my stories in the same way you tell yours!
    Thank you for that.
    It would my my honor if you could watch my first short film, it is about the last inhabitant of a village in Portugal.
    This short is fictional but unfortunately it’s something that is really happening in my country…old people get left behind and die alone.

    I hope you like it, it was filmed using a 5D Mark II…with no budget, nor other fancy stuff.

    All the best,
    Rui Pilão

  4. I still rebember the first time I saw this video “Open your eyes”, my little girl was 4 monts, and I cryed like if I was the father on the video; was so intens for me; I still don’t know if is a good video or not in terms of technical specs, because touch me very deep inside

  5. Philip: Apologies, because this is off topic, but last Christmas, you mentioned you were going off with a Sony NEX 7 and the 24mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens to test it out. I’ve been waiting for your impressions ever since:-). Did you ever get to shoot any footage with this combo, and if so, did you like it? Thanks! Bob Krist

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Did you prefer the NEX 5n over the 7, video-wise? I’m looking for a compact to use as a second camera to my DSLR, and the specs on these cameras, with the focus peaking, 60fps, etc. are awfully attractive.

  6. Hey Philip,

    Only you could pull of that swanky chest hair maneuver. The Vegas context saves the day. ;P Heh

    Overall I agree with all of the comments regarding about Mr. Weatherly’s titles, audio, lack of sound design and how narration would have added to the story as a whole. I too felt that music totally overpowered the mood and tone of the story. I don’t so much mind the hand held when it’s done well. Almost all of the shots done that were handheld were blurry and or focus hunting. With a proper rig and monitor, he could have pulled those shots off successfully. Not everyone has access to a quality rig and monitor, but in the absence of those he should have stuck with the slider and tripod shots as Steve suggested. The opening sequence was indeed gorgeous. Overall, this video is tremendously powerful filmmaking. You got to love someone who just goes out and makes it happen! Kudos Chris!

    I agree with Steven in regards to Mr. Weatherly’s evangelical slant to the video. I understand that the family is Christian and that their faith will obviously be important to them during a time like this, however, it really does detract from the story, which is timeless and universal. The loss of something so precious is an experience that transcends cultural and religious moirés. This story would have been more effective if the focus had stayed on the babies, family and community support. I am not suggesting that Mr. Weatherly remove all trace of the family’s religion from the story, but rather that he maintain the balance to ensure the babies and family are the center of the story.

    Phil…you are a hoot as always.

  7. Que importante son los registros, cuando una vida se resume a solo 74 dias, la gran importancia del tiempo en nuestras vidas, muy emocionante el filme, gran produccion para un dificil tema, buena edicion y musica.

    very good work



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