Making my site easier to navigate and bringing on an extra pair of hands

The more prolific I get with my site, the more bloated it has become. Despite the search engine it has become more and more difficult to find articles. To help this my web designer and myself have made some tweaks. We now have dedicated sections for my films, education, reviews, dslrs and soon recommended gear. No more drop down menus trying to find the right section. Hopefully it will be a lot easier to find stuff now.

I will be populating these sections, in particular the reviews, educations and of course the gear section.

The search engine is still a great way to find stuff as are the blog sections which are all categorised, but now if you want reviews it’s very easy to find them, like the tutorials too…

The new menu above and the old menu below

Also to help ease the enormous workload I have brought on an assistant. My good friend and talented shooter Cristina Valdivieso of Here she is below with my pre-production 7D she stole from me at WEVA last year 🙂

Don’t worry she won’t be taking over answering comments or emails. That will still be me, but she will be there to help me with most things, including many shoots and boring things for her like sorting out bookings and workshops!

Please welcome Cristina into the Bloom family!

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  1. Always exciting to see the cool toys you recommend. I’m just out of high school and most of my equipment comes from what I see here.

  2. Hey welcome Cristina,
    Be careful around that pHiLiP Character,
    You know he has an eye for…. Well you know….,

    Film 🙂

    Cool going Philip I’m glad you are organizing this mess you call a blog 😛
    I must say I did find it messy and frustrating at times…

    Oh wait that was my last girlfriend, sorry :>

  3. Great news Philip, as someone starting out in video I take a lot of information and ideas not only from your articles but also the finished products and the voice overs. Keep them coming.

  4. Welcome Christina!
    Thanks for all the help you will bring to Phil.
    Love the new look Phil can’t wait go see how you populate it mire.

  5. Don’t like the placement of the ‘Prev Post’ link and description. Found it confusing to be right above the current article of which the title is way above. The ads should at least not be between the title and article.

    My 2 cents. 😉

    1. yeah it’s not perfect Darren, still working through what I like and don’t like. The key is organisation which i think is much better

  6. Congrats on your continued success & growth. You’ve been so helpful to my own growth as a videographer and now DSLR cinematographer. Welcome, Cristina!

  7. I am so thrilled for you that you are doing so well. I love your site and I send very good wishes to Cristina. You have been an inspiration to me. I am only a very small business and though I trained in film production many moons ago I have changed a lot of my practices thanks to you. In particular I have embraced DSLR’s and prime lenses and it is starting to show in my work. I still have an enormous amount to learn but my business is growing and more and more people are commenting on how good my work is becoming and how good the footage I shoot is getting. So, Mr Bloom, I hope your family and your business continues to swell and I hope one day I can meet you and say thank you in person.

  8. trying to do web video and photography all at once can be a beast, trust me, i know, good call on bringing in an assistant for sure. I have been using drupal to do my sites ( ) and its making it a breeze for content updates and management, as well as creating users accounts to manage the content and comments…

    i’ve always liked the site, and i’m sure now i’ll like it even more. Welcome Cristina 🙂

  9. Welcome Cristina!

    Philip, congratulations on the continuing success and growth of your site! I’m checking in daily to look for the DSLR Lens Eval and Recommendation post appears on the blog- the post you had suggested would work in conjunction with the DSLR Body eval and recommendation post written a couple of months ago. Do you have any updates on when this post might appear? I’m planning on using your input to determine some additional lenses for my package.

    Thank you for all that you have contributed to the world wide digital filmmaking community! I am inspired daily by what you have to share here.

  10. Hey Philip,

    Quick thing to note, anyone using Google Chrome will need to clear all their temporary internet files, otherwise the new layout won’t work properly.

    Ctrl+Shift+Del if the new layout’s not working for you (shortcut’s the same for Firefox, not sure about Internet Explorer).

    Worth the (minute) effort though, new layout looks great!

  11. Congrats and continued success. Your blog continues to inspire people around the world! I look forward to following your adventures for years to come! Can’t wait to see the new look!!