Recording of the Live podcast with Steve Weiss, Scott Bourne and me for LensFlare 35 about HD-DSLRs

EDIT: You can listen to the recording by clicking here

This Tuesday (Jan 26th) at 2pm EST I will be taking part in a live podcast with Dave Warner of, esteemed photographer and new fan of shooting video on HD DSLRS Scott Bourne…oh and some fella called Steve Weiss, not sure what he does!

We will be talking about convergence, HD-DSLRs, fusion and Steve’s love of High School Musical and Hannah Montana TV shows!

Go to the site here so you can email questions in that we will hopefully answer!

Hope many of you can make it!


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  1. Steve, what a special guy.. You just got to love him!

    And Philip, is there a chance that this podcast will be put on for downloading? I might not make it, unfortunately.


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