In depth depth interview with me by Ron Dawson

I did this back in October whilst at WEVA. Ron Dawson is a top guy and a real leader in the Event DV world. Please check out his site with other podcasts.


Philip Bloom

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  1. That was a great interview, I really enjoyed it! I really enjoy your work Philip and appreciate what you do for this industry.

  2. Great Interview! I was also wondering when that little short will come out you shot on the 7D (With the guy and girl in restaurant)

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I liked your suggestions on how to start off. I’m in that position right now and like the idea of doing some projects for businesses that I know, then building on top of that. Gonna tweet this. Thanks.

    1. Very good suggestion. Web video for business is a huge, wide-open market. $2,000 is a good suggestion for a 3-4 minute video, from concept to delivery, depending on the amount of computer graphics they want and whether you hire a professional voiceover artist. Digital Juice is a great source of stock music, graphics and video to supplement your own photography.

  4. This is very interesting! Thanks a lot for posting. Agree with what you said about trolls on t’internet!