How to make EX1 LCD BETTER than EX3 viewfinder

Yes it’s true. I received in the post whilst I was in Siberia the Hood Pro and Sock-Loupe from Mike Stevens. An ingenious invention that solves the problem of using the LCD of the EX1 outside in bright sunlight and then some!

it’s designed for the EX1 but MIke says is will work with any flip out LCD 3.5″ screen. Quote” The Hood-Pro product is a trapezoid LCD shade hood that supports a soft fabric sock that has a +7 diopter lenses group in a rubber eyecup at it’s toe. The shape-shifting sock forms a totally dark, soft and comfortable cup around the eye (called the i-cradle” while focusing on the LCD screen no matter what your vision or eyeglass use. Unique features include a natural “droop” (that’s a disturbing bunching of two words together there Mike! Phil) to avoid sun-burnt screens and a weight of less than 100gm so no strain on the LCD hinge”.


Mike shoots in deserts and swears by it. I had a play in my back garden and it was a joy, no blazing sun but it looked way sharper and better than the ex3 viewfinder. How come? Beats me? better quality diapoter perhaps? Whatever it is this is essential for ANY ex1 user. I couldn’t believe just how crisp and sharp it was when I stuck my eye to the little round hole.

You can order it for $60 from It took about 10 days to get to me from California via USPS. Seriously this is better than a hood man and better than my EX3 viewfinder!!



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  1. Looks like the sock has the diopter as part of it. If you don’t want the sock on, it’s basically a Hoodman, is that correct Phil? If so, isn’t it kind of floppy with the diopter on a sock? Won’t it flop around on you?

  2. Sorry folks, I’ve selfishly gone out and bought one.

    I checked the price of buying 2 or 3 units, and the shipping price didn’t scale nearly as well as I’d hoped (I have had lots of really bad experiences with UPS anyway).

    The recent price hikes have put lots of people off, so I don’t want to wait for quorum whilst speculation circulates regarding a price drop over the coming weeks. Bascially, as my 4yo son would say, “I reeeeeeeealy want it NOW!”

  3. Okay, I’ve got my Hood-Pro…

    It is… gobsmackingly amazing. I’ve had to ditch a couple of items from my EX1 kit bag to make room for it, but toting a Canon HV20 as a ‘backup’ camera won’t bring as much value as the Hood-pro.

    Anyone who’s not quite hit the mark on focus will find this a reassuring item. Suddenly I can pull focus on wide shots too. But the immediate benefit is unexpected.

    I’m getting a triangulation effect on holding the EX1 in quasi-shoulder mode. Battery on collar-bone, left hand under lens, and now right eye (well, brow and cheekbone) gently on the hood-pro and I feel the EX1 has stabilised in a way I’ve not known before.

    Anyway, I like it and I think you’ll like it too.

  4. The sock is a cool idea if it could be made in various colours and even better if you could get your company logo on to it, similar to the ones you see on puff gags at press conferences used on microphones.

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