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Even now and then I see things online that really grab me and like to share them here. This is one of them.

The Royal Wedding itself was something I was not fussed about either way, not being a huge monarchist. Great that a couple in love got married of course. All the fuss surrounding it is not really something I am into but I understand how and why it brought so many people together and that is really a good thing. Anything positive that brings people together is great and nothing actually captures the nature of this better from what I have seen of official Royal Wedding coverage than this video by David Francis.

Gorgeous job of capturing the feel of a big event in an unconventional way. All shot 50p and conformed to 25p for the slow motion but using the real time sound. Love that we never see people actually talking just the portraits of them. Really great job with this in every aspect. Capturing a wide cross section of people. Getting some stunning shots and lovely editing and grade.  Thanks for emailing it to me in the first place so I could share it!

Kit wise this is what he shot with: 7D, all on a manfrotto 290 series tripod,. Canon 50mm, 16-35mm and a Tamaron 70-300mm lenses.

STREET LEVEL ROYAL WEDDING from David Francis on Vimeo.

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  1. Even-tough the piece is really nicely made, I feel uncomfortable with the lack of audio sync with the person, to me it feels strange, could it be because I’m an audio engineer I have no idea. It actually made me turn of the audio and watch it without. Audio aside I love the imagery.

  2. Dan Raica says:

    Looks amazing! Absolutely love the look, and the edit. Wish I was there to have shot something myself – but in all honesty, wouldn’t have done it any different.

    Check out a somewhat similar vid I shot a few days ago in my local main street:

  3. David Ryder says:

    That’s great – It’s like a basic audio slide show, except instead of still photos we have the portraits. What a nice touch. I think it would have helped to zoom out a bit on the portraits, maybe walk back far enough in some cases to see the each person’s whole body, head to toe, so that it might be a bit less awkward. Nice short film though.

  4. This is really beautiful. A great way to convey the day

  5. Phil Hinton says:

    Hi Philip,
    Have to agree the video is fantastic and looks fab.

    On another note, and I hope you don’t take offence, but you could really benefit from a proof reader for your articles.

  6. In amongst all the debate and fretting about what format/camera etc a really beautiful example of what can be done regardless.

  7. Really a beautiful piece. You can always tell how great a piece of work is when it makes you feel something for an event you cared nothing about. 🙂

    Anyone know where the music is from?

  8. Duotone says:

    I don’t see where he is asking for feedback on his writing skilz.

    Thanks fer sharing Phil

  9. Glen Graham says:

    This was a really beautiful piece. This just shows that with a little imagination and good camera work you can produce some interesting video.

  10. Omran says:

    Great look…

    most of the new video shooters need to learn some video shooting basics.

    But still nice to go inside and record an important moments.

  11. Ali Walker says:

    Has there been a depth map added?

  12. Ms. Quirk says:

    Wow. The music on this piece is beautiful.