FilmFellas DP Edition Episode 2




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Part two of the DP edition.



  1. Again a great Film Fellas 🙂

    As for myself I did time at SAE college for audio engineering.
    I can totally agree on that going to these schools doesn’t mean you’ll get a paid job straight away but its real fun and would recommend it to everybody.

  2. This is the best Film Fellas I’ve seen to date. Very insightful on the nature of the industry. People envy my job now but they aren’t aware of the crap you have to go through to get it. I’m forwarding this video to anyone who asks me about getting into the industry.

  3. I would like to interject that old/new Hollywood phrase that “its not who you know, but who knows you”. I have never even had to show my reel to get a job. Having gone to a pretty prestigious film school I can also say that they did not even warn us about what the work situation would be like once we graduated. All you heard about was the few that had made it BIG.

    Luckily, I took a few terms off to try and see if I pounded the pavement what would happen. The job that I have today, ten years later is still due to those few terms I pounded the pavement. However, over those ten years I had lost sight of making films that I wanted to make.

    Here I must put in a word for Phillip, watching his films and reading his blog has made me feel like getting back to making pieces again no matter if they’re good or not, whether its with an HVX or a Harinezumi. This is where the personal truth lives.

    However, I would also like to point out, that in this episode Phillip also once again gave some indication of a paradigm shift which is the percentage of work that he has gotten over the last 18 months has been due to his internet presence and I am sure also due to his internet “Presence”. I mean look, how the heck did he end up on this episode. So I think that the “who knows you will always be the main way one is hired” but now being internet savvy and entrepreneurial should also be part of any serious film school’s curriculum.

    Thanks Philip

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