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  1. Steve says:

    Chilling! I was in total suspense the entire time. I am left asking questions as to what the Fathers real sins are and why David feels compelled to continue these disgusting acts.

    Great work Philip. Beautifully filmed. I must say, this has just inspired me to get back out there and get my ideas filmed.

    Thank you.


  2. Matt says:

    Wow, the writing was great, and the direction that you went with the simplicity of the shots, and the subtleness of the movement outside the frame was very appropriate. I loved everything about it visually. The only quarrel I have with it is the staging in a few parts. There were two parts where David would walk away from the priest as if he was storming off, but then he stopped the first time, and he sat down the second. It seemed a little awkward to me, but not to the point where it made it seem amateurish like staging problems do very often. I may be alone with this opinion, but I just thought I would share my views. And if you were DoP then it wasn’t even your responsibility. Anyway, great work, it was beautiful.

  3. Alistair says:

    Great build up. What you sow, you’ll reap. I agree, a chilling end. Good acting. Be really good to know things like who commisioned it, director, writer, camera used, lenses etc to give a more informed appreciation of the work. I have got to get me an adapter!

  4. Hi! What lenses did you use? I really love the DOF in the film.


  5. pbloom says:

    stacks of different lenses, all Nikon mounts

  6. Willem Nout says:

    First of all, great job. Love how subtle you play with the axes. Did you use a 35mm adapter at all times? Even at the ridershot around 04.10?

  7. pbloom says:

    which rider shot at 4.10?

  8. Javier Rivera says:

    Holy S#@% !! That was great writing toward the end. I just wish they used another cinematographer. Who does this person think they are with their subtle camera moves? Just kidding Mr. Bloom. You are the man. Pleas let us folks in NYC know when you cross the pond again. I guess you’re still in Hawaii.

  9. […] I do post on my website is some of the paid work I am allowed to show, like NT Live, 3 Seconds, The Echo, Valentine’s Day, The Trench, Siberian Portrait as well as, of course the stuff I shot and […]

  10. himanshu says:

    exceptionally good video. but audio sucked. 🙂

    1. pbloom says:

      yes, it’s a problem with the mix online, its the surround mix, we are getting a simple stereo one up soon.

  11. Bill Vincent says:

    Wow, got really drawn into the story. Very intense. Beautiful DP work. I did notice the audio issues, but the story still kept my attention. Nice acting work too – I think they did a good job conveying the premise.

    1. pbloom says:

      yeah there is a much better mix and have been trying to get joe to upload it for ages!

  12. Pali says:

    Wow – I totally got drawn in by that!!!!

    I was thinking that it was going to be a straightforward ‘twist in tale’ of more simple revenge, but that was much more intelligent and interesting – great!! I like the fact that the editing/shots and sparse venue worked well with the story, providing a showcase for the actors – a great piece!

  13. Jose Miguel G. says:

    Great short! Beautiful script, simple but shocking, I truly love the performance of the young man, specially towards the end when he gets his vendetta.

  14. John Macpherson says:

    Wow, great work.

    Some twist.

    Has this won any awards for short film?

  15. Adam Billitzer says:

    1 main location. 2 amazing actors. fantastic! This is the stuff that makes you question and well see a part of reality in society. sad and scary. Come on mr bloom. more like this.

  16. luchian says:

    Is the shot starting at 3:53 the way you wanted to be framed? Why? For me is a little weird to see the father looking outside the frame. Or is the shot part of the master shot over Stephen shoulder and it was the only option.
    Nice film, by the way…love it ! Great cinematography!