Film explaining Letus 35mm adaptors

I have made a film for explaining all about the different Letus adaptors. What they do, how they do it, what you need.

letusfilmIt looks at all three main adaptors, who they differ and what issues you will come up against.

It also talks more about 35mm DOF adaptor concepts too so a lot of the information is pretty pertinent to all 35mm adaptors really.

It’s long, so let it load up before playing if you can!



  1. Hello, Philip

    i have one question, i presume people ask it all the time. Why shoot with 35mm adapter rather with a REDONE with a Nikon mout?

    thank, love your work, it will inspire me

    1. the red one is a different beast. very impressive but not suitable for one man operation. also workflow is much trickier and not really easy on a laptop/