Electrical storm caught on my 4 day Florida timelapse

I will be putting all my Florida timelapses together into one edit soon but I had to share this as it’s so cool…no music, just the timelapse. The exposure were around 15-20 seconds long so I caught some epic forked lightning. Shot on the 7D at 25 second intervals using a Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. That is the moon near the end by the way. Hard to believe but due to the long exposures it looks almost sun like, interval was 25 seconds. Aperture priority mode.



  1. Phil this is incredible, question how did you get your exposure as low as 15-20, I have two Nd filters both 9 and 8 and still can’t get as low as that during the daytime. Were you on Aperture Priority mode also, to make it automate between these exposures? Sorry for the questions but I really want to do a shoot like that. Thanks 🙂

    1. Philip, I voice the same question as David, how do you keep the exposure time constant, Tv (shutter priority)? Isn’t that going to shift the DOF if you do that? Because I don’t think there is a way to adjust the ISO limit on the Auto ISO is there?

      Perhaps a mini time-lapse tutorial? How do you come up with 15-20 seconds exposure? Making the transition from day to night to day so smooth…?

  2. Awesome sequence. Great exposure control despite changing conditions. Did you adjust on the fly or stick with one manual setting, or let the camera adjust as needed?
    In any event this is well done. Congrats.

  3. Wow. How did you run the camera and capture all those photos continuously over 4 days? Does Canon or anyone else sell a AC adapter for the 7d or did you just switch a lot of batteries?

  4. I had quite a good natural light show on my last day in Orlando. What was disconcerting was I was in a plane waiting to leave the tarmac at Orlando International at the time.

  5. Spectacular light show! Thanks for sharing this. Just got an intervalometer for the T2i; maybe I can catch a storm this week. Very inspiring.

  6. The first question in this thread is also my question. I have a ND Filter 8, and could never drag my shutter to 15 to 20 seconds. How do you do this and keep from overexposing. ANYONE feel free to answer. Thank you somebody, hopefully Mr. Bloom.

  7. this is wicked! im trying to shoot timelapse with 5d mk2 of these weird clouds tonight, camera is turned on in AV shooting through live view mode, do you guys happen to know why the iso keeps changing? It seems to be on an auto setting and i cant find a way to disable it..

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