Daily Video Blog: USA…NAB and beyond

I have been asked by a number of deeply disturbed people to do a video blog. So I am going to give it a trial run during my 3 or so weeks in the US.

Tomorrow I leave for LA, then hire a car and drive to Vegas for NAB. I will be at the MGM Grand so if any of you generous souls want to contribute a line of credit there for me I would be very grateful!

I am going to be wandering around mostly for the first 2 days. I will be at the Zacuto stand between 2 and 4pm on Monday and at the B&H stand on Tuesday at the same time with the Letus Direct fellas.

I am also going to go to the B-Roll, Dvinfo, Dvxuser drinks on Monday. Dinner with Zacuto Tuesday…

Wednesday I am planning on driving up to Rhyolite ghost town in Nevada for some filming. I may have space in the car if anyone fancies a jaunt up there.

Thursday I film for Mitcorp and Friday I fly to Austin Texas.

Whilst in Austin I will be staying at the Omnia Hotel and I will be speaking at the Re:Frame event at the Alamo drafthouse, I am there for about 6 nights. the first three are not really for work. A bit of filming, meeting up with some people etc…

After that I head to Kauai for a week long recce for a job then I move back to LA for 3 days of relaxation/ driving/ filming in interesting places and then the Monday just before I fly home I will have a couple of meetings.

So it’s pretty busy and it could be interesting. So I will try and do a daily blog talking about what I have seen, some days there will be just a webcam piece to camera, other days there will be more interesting stuff. i am taking my little Xacti with me so shoot bits and pieces quickly and easily.

I will have a US cell number when I am over there. I won’t get it until I arrive in the US, but when I get it I will post it on this page. But of course email is still the best way to reach me.

The video blog will be on my personal blog site here: http://philipbloomblog.wordpress.com/ and you can read more about what I am doing here

One last thing, whilst I am away I will have my 1 millionth web hit on my site. Quite a milestone in just over 2 years, mostly in the past year. Wonder how I can find out who that person is and maybe give them an EX1 or something 😉


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  1. Hi Philip,
    Visit Miller tripod stand at NAB. Catch up with Heidi from Miller at B-roll/ on NAB stand, She will give you more product info about COMPASS 15/20 latest fluid head from Miller, It has 4 C/B and 5 Drag pos and fits perfectly on Solo tripod. She’d love to have review from you. Catch you in NAB.

  2. Were doing a similar thing. UK to Chicago, touring around by train, plane and car for 3 weeks. Then heading off to Re:Frame (although learning not presenting) and head off to vegas (too late for NAB).

    Did plan on doing daily video diary’s but turns out our laptop is more rubbish than I thought and can barely manage the download let alone edit and render. Ahh well.

    Still, got an AT&T pay as you go sim, 100mb of data and twittering away.

    See you at re:frame

  3. Hi Phil,

    Im sitting here in my room on the 21st floor at the Circus Circus. Besides me is my EX1 – i just shot a interval shoot of the sun going down over The Strip. Much inspired from your Las Vegs movie from last year im doing my own this year… Hope to see you at NAB! Enjoy your trip to the the Ghost town! -i did a shoot on the way from LA to Vegas. Went off-road a couple of times and found an open waste dump in the middle of the Mohave – some very nice images there! See you! 🙂

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