Cinema Commercial for NT LIVE

Last month I was hired by Director Mike Marriage of to DP a commercial for the big screen to be shown in movie theaters around the world. 

NT LIVE is a groundbreaking concept of putting on plays at the National Theatre in London and broadcasting them live to cinemas all over the world via Satellite. 

The first play is “Phedre” on the 25th June with Helen Mirren

picture-16This was the first time my work would be shown on the big screen and the first time anything I have shot has been transferred to 35mm film. I have yet to see it in print but soon I hope!

It was shot on the Sony EX3 with the Letus Ultimate and mostly Zeiss Nikon lenses. Lighting was with a mixture of Kino Flo Diva’s and Dedos.

The helicopter shots were shot on the Sony F900. The frame rate for the shoot was 24p. All shot at 1080p.

Mike also edited it and it has an original score. The great John Shrapnel did the Voice Over. 

schrapnelYou can see the, obviously, web compressed version here but do check out your local independent cinema that is part of NT live, like the Curzon chain in London so you can see it in all it’s glory!

Click here to watch the trailer or here if exposure room hasn’t converted it yet!

Photos by and assistant, Mark Dawson. Armin Ruede was also assistant. 



  1. Great trailer!

    It’s quite interesting and in my opinion a “sign of changing times” in the industry that it took a caliber like you so long to be able to shoot something destined for 35mm 🙂

    Quite strangely, just two weeks after I received my EX3 in February I was commissioned to do my first ever cinema commercial for a large Austrian Charity. I shot on the bare-naked EX3 and it was then processed to 35mm.

    Looks quite nice, but very different from what we’re used to with HD. (Much more contrast, brighter than a digital projection, but in fact not as detailed, and it has that very special jittery 35mm-look.)

    Due to the fact that it’s a commercial for a Charity, of course this was a no-budget project (they got more important stuff to spend their donations on!).

    You can watch it in HD glory on YouTube, I’m especially proud of the first two shots:

    (Sorry, but the dialogue and off-commentary are in German.)

    Comments appreciated.

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