It’s official! Canon 7d announced! 24p! 25p! 30p! 50p! 60p!!


We have been hearing rumours about this camera for MONTHS. But now, It’s official and the video mode is everything we wanted and more!

Here are the specs:

Screen shot 2009-09-01 at 11.52.34

You can read a preview at dpreview here.

So we are talking APS-C cropped sensor. That’s essentially a magnification factor of 1.6x on a 35mm format. So you if you have L series lenses like the 50mm f1.2 then it will become more like an 80mm frame of view. So if I went down this route and bought a 7d body I would have to get an EF-S wide prime as all my nice wides will lose a lot. The rest of my lenses I would just leave as is. But don’t forget…the APS-C sensor is VERY similar in size to the RED sensor and the SUPER 35mm frame, which means the 7d will work very nicely with a PL adaptor, probably.


The video function is of course what I am most keen about. With full HD 1080p 24, 25 and of course 30p that’s fantastic. Also great is the 720p 50p and 60p which means you can do some awesome slow motion with this camera.

This is a quote from the official press release:

EOS Movie
The EOS 7D features an improved movie function allowing users to record Full HD movies with full manual control and selectable frame rates. The operation of the movie function has been improved to make it easier to use via direct access to settings with dedicated buttons. AF can now be started by either half pressing the shutter button or using the AF-ON button as before.

The exposure of the movie can be controlled in Manual mode allowing full control of shutter speeds and apertures.  It is possible to select frame rates from: 30 (29.97), 25, and 24 (23.976), with 60 (59.94) and 50 available at 720p.  ISO can be set automatically or manually in the range (100-6400) and is expandable to 12800.  EOS 7D also allows users to trim and cut their movies.

It has two settings. NTSC and PAL. in the PAL setting you get 25 and 30p in full hd and 720p 50p. NTSC gets you 24p, 30p and 720p 60p.


What does it mean for us 5dmkII owners? Well we still have a larger sensor…but we all really hope that Canon bring out some firmware for our cameras to make us happy. Will it happen? Can it happen? Let’s hope so!

Shame the LCD is fixed and not swivel.

So this camera is not a replacement for the 5dmkII but one step below it, essentially making it the king of the APS-C DSLRs. Sony really missed a trick with their recent announcements of DSLRs, all lacking video. Nikon really should have upped their game with the D300s and given it full HD and full manual controls.The D700x could still be what we are after.

But although it is a step below the 5dmkII it has those features that we would all kill for. Let’s see what happens!

I would love to review the camera asap so people can know how good it is but all my Canon gear I bought myself, I have no contacts there so I will just have to wait until it is out. Unless anyone knows someone…!

Oh and if you want a little chuckle, check out my Downfall remix and a not very happy reaction to this news…


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  1. If the 1080p 24/25/30p and 720 50/60p rumour turn out to be true, I will purchase one immediately 🙂

    Perhaps the 1.6 (or 1.45) crop factor is actually a good thing for video purposes. As you can open up the aperture all the way on a fast lens and have more manageble DOF compared to a FF camera?

      1. You are right ofcourse, that is the flipside. I too have invested quite a lot in full frame lenses for the 5D.

        The extra tele-reach on a crop-camera is nice. But on the wide end we’ll have to shop for additional glass.

        1. Dual Digic 4?

          Looking at the spec this looks like a camera aimed at the sports/action/wildlife photographer to me. Dual Digic 4 suggests they are processing in parallel to get the throughput – a trick Sony has used in the past. 18MP at 8fps is a lot of data to shift. A crop sensor works in your favour for this kind of application. The price suddenly starts to make a bit of sense.

          If 24/30p does come along then I still think there is a chance of firmware for the 5D2 as it is a lower data rate than current so can’t be reliant on the double chips. I have a suspicion that the most likely new frame rate would be 60p. That would fit the rest of the sporting pretentions perfectly and create yet another new market segement.

  2. If the screen doesn’t swivel, that may not be the only thing they’re hiding.

    It’s amazing how they can get good quality video from the 5D MK II. But compared to a proper camcorder, you loose all the XLR Mic Ports etc.

  3. So wait a sec!

    Are you telling me that Canon finally gets the frame rate correct and then they shrink the sensor size? UGH.

    What does the 1.6 and 1.45 crop look like in comparison to full frame? and in comparison to other cameras? Will it still yield that incredible image we know and love from the 5d?

    1. A colleague of mine who works for an IT magazine had a short hands-on with the 7D yesterday and was told by the Canon representative that the 5D will remain in the market unchanged for at least 2 more years.

      He said they generally don’t change the high-end line of their cameras as often as the lower-end cameras, where they now have a cycle of almost a year.

      So I think if the firmware update for the 5D that would give us 24/25p is indeed impossible, this camera is the way to go. Only if Nikon brings out the 5D-killer with full frame sensor AND 24/25p this will be another story.

      We shall see which company will bring out a proper video camera with a full frame sensor – they will rule the market for sure. And I don’t think it will be something from RED, more likely Sony or Canon.

  4. Wow! The 7D looks like is going to be exactly what I wanted.

    Out of interest do you know what would be a good equivalent lens to the 50mm Zeiss you used on Sofia’s People now there is the x1.6 to take into account?

  5. I cant help but get excited when canon announce something new yet disappointment sets in as im 5D2 owner and really want the option of 24p…really hope a firmware is released….and soon

  6. Now I’m rather confused by the two current offerings by Canon: the 5D’s 1.0 x crop + full frame sensor vs 7D’s relatively low cost, 24P and multiple frame rates, so I just cancelled my order for a 5Dm2. I can’t work out which camera would be the better solution (for wildlife docs) – ideally producing lush HD images with control over DOF but still allowing a degree of manual/creative control. Possible firmware updates vs. integrated feature set the 5D cinema crowd have long been raving about. Added to that – I recently ordered the Zacuto viewfinder and I’m not certain that will fit the 7D. Help!

    Maestro Philip – what would you advise?

    1. The screen size and ratio are the same as the 5D2 and there seems to be a similar clearance to the buttons so I think the Z-finder will be fine Myles.

      Are you going to be using long lenses most of the time for your filming?

      1. Thanks for the reply Endeavour.

        I’m hoping to use long lenses but also would like to do some macro and get beautiful wide panoramic shots. The footage I’ve seen shot by 5D users looks stunning – and I’m slightly concerned that the 7D might not match, and despite frame-rate conversion hassles it might be preferable – particularly if the much desired 24P firmware arrives.

        I also find the low light capabilities of the 5D inspiring – particularly for early morning wildlife adventures.

        Then again – the low cost of the 7D would enable me to buy some essentials such as Miller tripod, Zacuto rig, all that stuff…

        Still can’t make up my mind. Andy advice appreciated.

        1. Given your subject matter I would have thought the 7D holds all the aces with the low light performance being the only really big unknown.So far I have only seen dpreview’s sample at higher ISO. Theoretically, squeezing all those pixels onto an APC sensor could make low light an issue but then they said that about the pixel density on the 5D2 when its spec was announced too. I would hang on for some detailed reviews to emerge.

          I expect that we will see see some sample video footage really soon as it was this that drew so much attention to the 5D2 – so much so that Nikon followed suit with the D300s.

          With longer lenses shallow DoF is going to be assured and I have read a few Vimeo conversations where it can be almost a liability on some occasions for moving subjects or macro given that focussing is effectively manual though I haven’t done much myself in this category.

  7. I was trying to get a Panasonic GH1 and now this jumps into the picture….. How do these two compare?

    The Canon has a better image, but I think the GH1 its more friendly when shooting video with is swivel screen and “better” sound capabilities.

    This really complicates things, I’d like to hear your opinion on this.

  8. I see that the 7D will record at 29.97 fps as opposed to the 5D’s true 30p. Wondering if footage from the two cameras will cut together with out adjusting frame rates in post.

    I’ve had a terrible time keeping sync between 5D footage and, say EX-1 or HV30 footage. The slight difference between 29.97 and 30 causes a pretty significant drift in a short amount time.

    I was planning on buying a second 5D MKII as a “B” camera, but if 7D footage will inter-cut easily, plus offer multiple frame rates, its seems like it would be the way to go.

    1. Interesting point and one I would like the answer to as well. Have tried to understand the tech but I don’t seem to be able to force it into my aging brain.

      Am I right in thinking that 7D 29.97 footage would want to render if you put it into a 5D native sequence? That would mean you would still be looking at transcoding everything to ProRes 1st unless it was just a few clips. At which point you might as well shoot the 7D in your final output fps to avoid introducing artifacts into that footage in the transcode.

      If commercial Blu-rays are also true 24p not 23.97? Does this mean our transcoding woes are still not over or are most TVs not bothered by whether its 23.97/24/25p?

  9. Phil this camera is a joke once again we are back to a 1.6x conversion with the use of the APS chipset. No audio control and best of all no swivel LCD just who are Canon talking to.

    1. Phil, you seem to have your Mr. Angry T-Shirt on at the moment!

      This is not a replacement for the 5dmkII. This is not a step back! It the 7d had these features and full frame do you really think they would bring it out? It would kill the 5d!

      Think of this as the D300s Canon version. APS-C is a standard adopted by hundreds of thousands of photographers with lenses for them. it was introduced before they were able to make full frame DSLRs.

      Yes better sound, a swivel screen would have been great. But you never get everything you want in life! As it stands it’s a great camera in the US at $1699. UK pricing kind of sucks though £1699 makes it just a couple of hundred quid less than the 5dmkII and that is wrong. it should be around £1200 body only.

      1. I don’t get that pricing. There isn’t a £1:$1 on the 5D2. dpreview expected €1649 and the Euro zone pricing looks all over the place at the moment like they have been told €1649 or €1999.

      2. The same could have been said about the Nikon D700 v the D3 but it didn’t affect Nikon sales instead lots of pros bought it as a second camera ! Phil be honest with me are you happy with the APS 1.6x sensor.

        I can’t be any more blatant with Canon…we need a solid state video camera with 5D features, shallow DOF, 35mm Canon lenses etc….all the video companies are missing this golden opportunity and Canon Pro video are 16 months with no new camcorder, how much louder do we need to shout !

        PS Mr Angry T-shirts… on sale… outside Canon’s UK headquarters…and the slogan “Who are the 5000 we want proof”

          1. pbloom, help… are you saying that the 5D MK II really suck?? I want to try and buy the 5D MK II

            I’m a little confused about the 7D but I sold my 350D because I always wanted to go to 35mm.

  10. I don’t understand why people complain. Is the sensor too little? Excuse my french but Boo-funcking-hoo! I think it’s a great camera, with a chip almost the same size as the RED one, with a higher bitrate than the 5dmkII, at a fraction of the price! You are not happy with it? You may want to consider taking some prozac my friend.

  11. Some basic questions, but what is the big deal about 24 fps? Why would it be better than 25 fps? And if I can shoot 50 fps, why would I select 24? Isn’t more always better?(!)

    Also, why is 30 not exactly 30, but 29.97?

    1. 25p is what i normally shoot at for UK broadcast. 24p is cinema projection rate. This camera shoots at 23.98p which is for frame rate for US TV drama. 50fps looks like video when played back. The aesthetic of 24 and 25p is much more pleasing and film like. Best to wiki 29.97 and 23.98 as it explains things like pulldown and US TV transmission v well. It’s all very complicated and much simpler here in the UK.

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