Last few spots for the only North American workshops confirmed this year also new VANCOUVER meet up details!!

Philip Bloom Canada Workshop Tour Promo from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Highlights of the 1 day and two day workshops in Toronto.

Vancouver next! Some space left on Thursday, waiting list for the weekend two day but there are often cancellations for sickness etc…

Cupping, whacking and slapping: Canada Video Blog 2 from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Documenting week two of my Canadian Tour (well Toronto and Vancouver) for a series of one and two day workshops.

Canada Video Blog 1 from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

The first of my Canadian vide blog to tie in with my 2 workshops in Toronto and Vancover. Meet up is on Friday. Details at same link below….

Some space available. Book here:

Shot on the Sony NX30

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 07.38.06

Tomorrow I head to lovely Canada where, for the first time, I will be doing two  workshops in Vancouver and also visiting the lovely Toronto again!

I try to mix up the amount of teaching I do with the amount of filming. I adore teaching and I adore shooting. I just love shooting that little bit more 🙂 After all there, is no point teaching shooting if you don’t shoot!

Last year there was a definite increase in the amount of workshops from the previous year, so this year I have cut right back on them to free me up to make more films. I am not stopping workshops, just doing fewer of them, so when they come up do make sure to get in quick, as they won’t come round very often anymore! There are no other workshops currently in my diary this year. It will change, as there is a chance I can squeeze in a London two-day one before the summer, and of course the annual Rode workshops in Australia are being worked on…later in the year this time, and with hands on shooting now! Other than that…nothing. I don’t organise workshops – I just say yes or no to any offers. With so much of my time booked up already for shoots this year, it leaves me little extra time!


The format of the workshops of course evolves every time, constantly improving. Recently I have moved the focus more and more onto the creative part of filmmaking. There is still technical stuff in there, but it’s the stuff you can’t learn online that is the really juicy part of both the one and two day workshops.

All four workshops in Toronto and Vancouver are hugely revamped from previous ones. Taking the feedback from previous workshops about what they wanted more of, generally the more creative stuff/ hands on and changing the whole format.


Both the 1 and 2 day workshops are extremely valuable education wise – they just vary in time spent on different content, numbers, the amount of practical, and of course the cost! You will still learn a huge amount at the one-day for example…just be prepared for an enormously packed day!

Of course there will be lots of lovely kit there including a number of gorgeous cameras: 1DC, 5Dmk3, D800, FS700, C300 and who knows what else 😉 I will also have with me the quite astonishing Kessler Crane Cinedrive Motion Control System. It’s sexy as hell and really easy to operate.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 asmt 01.32.10

THE ONE DAY will cover a huge variety of topics, much of which are guided by the attendees. This is an interactive workshop, NOT a seminar. There will be a live shooting challenge where we will try and shoot something challenging, live, under immense pressure.  There will also be lots of practical demonstrations of things like interview technique, super slow motion, motion control. It all depends on what you, the attendee, wants!

THE TWO DAY will additionally consist of a filmmaking assignment of making something special out of something ordinary.  Every attendee will be doing this during the afternoon of day one. This is enormous fun. You will be guided by myself and Sarah Estela. You will then be given home work to get it edited for showing and critiques in the morning of day two! Two day attendees will need to make sure you all have a camera, lenses, sound, tripod and lighting if you want. Editing ability that evening is also essential!


Jut below this text are some fabulous examples of the films made in the recent Brussels 2 day workshop!

The main focus is, as mentioned, creativity and storytelling on both the 1 day and 2 day. There is technical stuff in there but only what is essential and what is asked for. Much of that is easily available on my site here. Both workshops are designed to do a number of things, to give YOU confidence and re-invigorate your passion for filmmaking with these incredible tools we now have access to.

Both workshops will cover the topics below…and more! The two day one will have more time spent on each section due to the additional day and will as mentioned have an individual shooting challenge on the afternoon/ evening of day one.

1: How to harness your camera and make it work for you. This will be a short section. You are expected to know the basics if you don’t know them I recommend going to this section of my site and getting up to speed. 

2: How to look at things from a fresh perspective. Making the ordinary come to life with new eyes.

3: Storytelling, what is a story and how can you tell it so that it connects with the audience?

4: Planning vs no planning. How to make your shoots better and more efficient through pre-production, but also how to go with the flow and just wing it when needed!

5: The art of the interview. Techniques to lift your interviewing technique with an additional section on lighting interviews.

6: The truly extra-ordinary. A section on slow motion and timelapse. Both things that fascinate and can lift your production.

7: Anything else that can be fitted in!

Space is extremely limited and there are just a handful of tickets left after which you will go on the waiting list, so please book now to avoid disappointment. Click here to go to the booking page 

There is also going to be a meetup in Toronto. Vancouver too probably but that has not been organised yet and I doubt it will be as impressive as the one the boys in Toronto have put together! You can read about it at the bottom of this post!


6-liters from Jeremie Eloy on Vimeo.

30 seconds short.
Filmed and Edit for the Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels.
Shot with Canon C100

Stay tuned from Ovamus on Vimeo.

30 second short made during the workshop by Philip Bloom in Brussels.
Thanks to my filmmaker friends and Philip for lending an ear!

Glass – Philip Bloom Workshop in Brussels from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Glass – 30′ short made at Philip Bloom Workshop in Brussels.
Goal was to make something sweet out of something no interesting.
2h filming, 2h editing.

Thanks Philip for helping me with this vertigo sliding!

Invisidriver from Ronny Nuyens on Vimeo.

A 1 minute short film as an exercise for the Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels 2013. Shot in 2 hours and edited the same day.

Towers – Philip Bloom Workshop from Vitor Goncalves on Vimeo.

Video I made at Philip Bloom’s two-day masterclass workshop in Brussels, 2012


Royalty Free Music by

Eyes in Bloom from Tim Buys on Vimeo.

82 from Lauri Tamminen on Vimeo.

A 45 sec short, shot in 2 hours and edited the same night as part of an assignment at a Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels.

Please, those of you who might understand his French a bit better, fill me in on what he is actually saying. The subtitles are what I understood!Music: Ilkka Kivimäki


Happening after the one day workshops. Free for anyone to attend but please register as it helps us get an idea of numbers! Click here or the image below to register!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 19.13.16


Don't leave me on my own! :(
Don’t leave me on my own! 🙁


In each of the places I travel to, I try and do a meet-up. A free get together to network, socialise, buy me a drink (quality gin or vodka and tonic please! 🙂 ) and basically just have a great time. The one in Toronto is going to be brilliant as the organisers, my friends Tej Bebra and Eric Diosay, have managed to wangle gear giveaways there! These are incredibly generous prizes and a huge bonus to the evening.

This is not part of the workshop as this is a free social event….no teaching! Just relaxing and chatting, but do bring your cameras! If someone in Vancouver wants to organise something for the Friday between workshops, then please get in touch with me!

Solid Camera – EVF Support
Letus – Talon Shoulder System
Genus – Eclipse 77mm and we are adding a step-up ring kit and a fader hood
Schneider Optics – 4×4 Circular Polarizer
Zacuto – $500.00 Gift Certificate
Della Luce – 3 Designer T-shirts

You do need to register to come though so please do so here. It is free! You can come if you don’t register you just won’t be in the draw for the gear!


  • Date : March 15th 2013

  • Location: The Madison Pub

  • Address: 14 Madison Ave Toronto

  • Time : 7:00PM

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