Bloom’s “DAILY” video blog from the USA…VEGAS

Yes, all three of you have demanded it so I have caved into the pressure! I think the “daily” might be a bit ambitious. Some of them will be just webcam bits to cam, some will be more interesting, I HOPE!

So anyway here is the first one. I won’t be creating a new page for each post. Just for each location. So there will be 4 pages. Vegas, Austin, Hawaii and LA.

Please do visit my main site for the serious stuff away from this madness!!


So here is Part 1: “Vegas bound”
[xr_video id=”fed394b9f14846dd9d195c5eae4f7ced” size=”lrm”]

Here is Part 2: NAB days 1 & 2
[xr_video id=”477685405cc04ced93944a5bae7bb5e1″ size=”lrm”]
[xr_video id=”96e63b675e5d4163ac8a472fa8410f3e” size=”lrm”]

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Keep ’em coming. We’re all sat here in the sunny UK watching!

    Looking forward to seeing what comes up in your visit. Must be so hard to do a video blog after all the high quality stuff you post. I bet all you really want to do it post a simple video clip from the web cam rather than edited stuff as well!!

  2. Can’t believe I just watched that but, glad I did… Made me laugh. Now I’m hooked; hard up for entertainment. Guess I’m following now. Cheers…

  3. Now I’m just waiting for the documentary movie “The Naughty Philip Bloom” 😉

    Remember me of my first trip to USA, I stood at a line mark on the floor before the check point waiting for my turn, I went forward when the person before was finished. I was when told to get back to the line until he called me, I walked back, he called me :S

  4. Hi Philip,

    thanks for the video blog – Funny and Entertaining. I was wondering while you’re at NAB if you could play around with the Panasonic Lumix GH1 again so you could give us (readers) a litle mini review.

    I know you played with one last week, but we never heard back from you with regards to your thoughts and experiences with the prototype model. Anyway, thanks for the updates and looking forward to the next video.



  5. Looks like a real blast!! Quite fun seeing all the famous faces of pro video gathered in one place.

    Looking forward to the next video.

  6. do zacuto spray paint all their female staff bronze? awesome. letus employing mormans, scandalous. Great stuff! keep it rolling Mr Bloom.

  7. Wow! I’m in a Phillip Bloom video. I’M FAMOUS!! hehehe
    Great meeting you Phil. Maybe I’ll see you in London in June for the British Grand Prix.

  8. Mr. Bloom is this fun or is it fun, it’s super fun. You should release this on DVD. As I have always said, if there is any one to be holding on with humor, it’s British and no other. I myself am from Sweden and we have a long way to go to reach those heights. Superb job, keep it coming:-)

  9. Ah – You are the ‘Naughty Mr.Bloom’ – driving along on an interstate highway with a video camera in one hand and a starbucks in the other – however, maybe your car has automatic steering?

    You do know that if the police see this video they will track you down and make you wait a lot longer than 2 hours.

    Great video blog – keep them coming.


  10. Ah.. Thank you Phil you are full of awesomeness. Once back in LA i’d love to take you site seeing so you can shoot Los Angeles, Bloom stile.

  11. phil, can you recommend a good hosting service?

    my website has been getting hammered the last few days for some unknown reason and one of my servers caught fire.


  12. Philip,

    I stumbled across a link to your blog on the forum. Glad I did. You made my Saturday morning cup of coffee a lot more enjoyable as I sat at the kitchen table watching.

    I was searching for video updates of NAB 2009 and while the blogs were not exactly loaded with technical infomation they are pricelss.

    Hope the marriage to the Las Vegas waitress lasts (true love is so hard to find0!!!

  13. I usually don’t watch these sort of videos all the way through, but yours was both funny, informative, entertaining and visually interesting. Takes the video blog thing to a whole new level!