Beware XDCAM users upgrading to Snow Leopard

Matt Davis has confirmed that sticking an SxS card into the express card slot of a MBP with Snow Leopard causes a kernal panic every time. He says using the SDHC cards in adaptors works fine though.

I have been trying to import pro disc footage on my Snow Leopard install 13″ MBP using XDCAM transfer and be having all sorts of problems. Cache not working, unable to relabel disc.


There may be other problems that I haven’t come across but it seems we need new XDCAM transfer software and a new SxS driver.

Check out Matt’s video demo here:



  1. Hi, had to re-install FCP, the files from the HM GY100 were playing in quicktime, but giving me white screens in FCP. I would as a first step, recommend that people dump preferences, this seems to have sorted out my other niggles in illustrator and AE. Great camera btw, bought after seeing your test. many thanks.

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