Artist of the Week from Crimson Kaie



My little short film Sofia’s People has had a wonderful reaction. Especially from people from Bulgaria who say they have never seen their city captured in such a romantic way. Astonishingly flattering, especially considering it really was me just being the usual film obsessive that I am and refusing to go out to dinner without my camera, which made us very late!

I am not one to blow my own trumpet but I was extremely flattered by Boyan Benev making me his Artist of the Day last week and now Artist of the week on his Crimson Kaie website, that I wanted to say a big thank you to him. It really is worth checking out his website, mainly to see all the fantastic artists he has featured on there. Some amazing painters and photographers.

picture-35Thanks again Boyan and do keep an eye out on his website for some remarkable talent.


It’s also been picked up by Nizmlab. Really pleased how well this has gone. It’s given me even more fire to go out there!!



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