An essential, albeit pricey, fix for the EX3 especially if using a 35mm adaptor.

One of the biggest flaws for me of the EX1 and the EX3 is the absolutely rotten tripod fixing plate at the bottom of the camera. Made out of plastic and held in by 4 teeny tiny screws. Two have gone on my EX1 already. 

VF Gadgets, a Totonto based company, have done something that really should never have needed doing but due to the fatal flaw in the EX3 design is a necessity. Unfortunately due to the design it works only with the EX3, not the EX1. Basically it creates a new solid fixing for your tripod plate by removing the shoulder pad and screwing on a solid aluminum piece of metal fixed in two places on the camera spreading the weight and strain, you can reattach the should pad using included industrial strength velcro.The plate comes with in a variety of flavours, The basic is the one above. It can come with a removable v wedge plate for mounting onto a Sony VCT 14 style tripod plate for $45. You can also get one with a further piece of metal on the back which you can attach all sorts of things to, but primarily larger batteries to give better camera balance…


As you can see in the above picture you can also buy one with rod supports for matte boxes, follow focus etc…it’s a pricey addition but the build quality is superb, very Zacuto like. 

Now I remove the V wedge as I use my EX3 mainly with a 35mm adaptor, in particular the Letus Ultimate. Now the strain on the standard plate attachment with the weight of the zacuto rod support and adaptor is immense hence the real need for this addition. I have a really solid rig now, no wobble, which the EX3 in particular is prone to. I just wish they could come up for a solution for the EX1, can’t see how though!

Price start at $349. The reason for this pricing as this is not a mass manufactured product, made by a small company to fix flaw in the design of the camera. Can you get away without it? Of course, if you are really careful, but if you ever rent your camera out or use 35mm adaptors it is a must buy.

EDIT: Prices have dropped! Check out website for new prices!!



  1. i don’t complain about the pricing, i simply say it is expensive and a lot of people simply won’t be able to afford it. But if you are a pro using it day in day out you really should get it. I do recommend getting a separate VCT U14 plate like the TLS one though as this give you secure fastening at the front and back.

  2. I’m wondering if you could use those Zacuto weights on the back with 15mm rods for counterbalance? I use the Sony batteries and don’t have the larger AB ones as counterbalance. Are there holes there that would support a male end 15mm rod and then just slip those round Zacuto weights on them? Do you think this would be effective?

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