New EX1 firmware finally out

not as expected user upgradable. Bugger.

Looks like they have changed their minds on that one.

free with silver support in eu, don’t know about the rest.

The new features of the firmware are :

  • Support for SBP-32 32Gb SxS PRO Cards
  • Support for PHU-60K 60Gb HDD Unit
  • 24PsF Output in EE mode
  • Chinese Language Support
  • Menu Enhancements (i.e. more shutter speeds)

i hope they change their mind about letting us upgrade firmware but i think it is a measure introduced to encourage people to buy in their own territories. Shame, because not all territories have good aftercare as Europe. Am in Dubai at moment and they have a four week turnaround!!



  1. Great ‘new’ site, but iam battling to find the ‘right’ place to ask some questions…so forgive me if iam in the wrong place or thread here.
    1) I read somewhere that when using a Letus Extreme/EX1 combo to knock down the exposure it’s nescesary to use ND’s in mattebox rather than the in-camera ND’s. Is this really so? – I have the EX1 optimising filter fitted and I much prefer to use as little glass in front of the lens as possible. Anyone throw some light on this?
    2) Anyone know anything about the older Nikon 35-70mm f2.8 Zoom…I was wondering if it was a good choice? Its a hellof a lot cheaper than the ‘new’ 24-70 and I have the 17-35 already so the 35-70 would make sense.
    3) The older Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 ED AF ? – They say its sharper than the newer 80-200, but has the disadvantage of the ‘pull-back’ zoom/focus barrel, making a follow focus rig useless…Any thoughts appreciated…..
    4) Hows the EX1’s LCD screen for reasonable critcal focus? Will i have to use a good HD B&W monitor or could i go with the LCD & Hoodman out in the midday sun?
    Many thx all…

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