Amazing 360 degree user controllable video from a helicopter and multicam 360 MUSE performance.

Very clever this and not something I have seen before. Seen loads of 360 degree views, seen loads of helicopter footage but never seen them combined before. Lovely view of Nimmo Bay in British Columbia. Makes you want to go there…so job well done then!! It’s captured with 6 cameras apparently…don’t know which ones though.

The music is a little bit much so I recommend clicking mute and playing some nice Beethoven!

Use your mouse, trackpad to scroll around to see it all!

Congratulations to for this. The company behind this technology are Yelowbird and their demo video is beneath this…

I have just been shown this on the band Muse’s website…it’s two seconds from their Wembley gig using this tech from multiple camera angles and you can zoom in and out. Awesome! Click the image below to go there!

Oh and this wont work on an ipad/ iphone…it’s flash!!



  1. This is way cool. Can’t stop playing around with it! I wish there was a record option so I could make a movies from my sofa! Now I have to work out a way to do this on my airplane. At 180 fisheye would work to a degree but I think this footage was stitched together – any idea how they did it?
    Sure beats my static camera shots like this

  2. Philip, I will grant you that song’s a terrible cover. But surely Leonard Cohen’s original version gets the Bloom seal of approval. Leonard’s voice sounds like he’s killed men. Lots of them. He’s a good guy.

    Also, cool video!

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