20% off Singular’s Software awesome Pluraleyes for Premiere Pro

I use the FCP version, which is not on sale, and I simply cannot live without it. It makes dual system sound recording a breeze. Well the official version of the Premiere Pro version is out and they are offering 20% until the 17th September. So get it now whilst it’s only $119! You can get a free trial download to see if you like it first.

Syncing audio and video shot on 5d and Zoom using FCP and Pluraleyes from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

When you record sound separately with the 5d you need to sync it with the video in post. Normally you do it manually with a clapperboard and match the audio spikes.

With Final Cut Pro and plug in pluraleyes from www.singularsoftware.com you don’t have to do it manually anymore. it’s all automated and saves you a stack of time.

Singular didn’t ask me to make this, I just had such a great experience with this software that I wanted to share it with you.





  1. I can see how this saves a bunch of time syncing audio… But am I right in thinking it then just leaves all your synced footage in a the timeline?

    What’s the workflow for editing the newly synced footage? As far as I can see, unlike FCP/AVID there is no way in CS5 to create new subclips in your footage bins with your newly synced footage. You either have to render all your dailies out and reimport or take each individually synced clip into it’s own SEQUENCE and then edit the sequences out of the bins as if it was footage… Which would mean losing audio wave forms and your one click to source monitor workflow..

    Both ways seem like a royal pain compared to being able to create simple subclips. Especially when you have a lot of footage.

    Until adobe sorts this hole in the workflow (unless I’m missing something) it really takes the edge off what seems like a fantastic program.

    1. i don’t know how Premiere works but the latest version is better than one demoed in video. It can replace audio and leave them on one sequence rather than break them up into individual sequences.

  2. YES! after seeing your demo of pluralize at the Boston FCPUG day long session i’ve been playing with the demo and I’m pysced that the final version is out. I have the new zoom H1 coming this month too and i’m super excited. Thank you so much for the information on getting good audio using hd dlsrs and pluralize, its been the single most valuable peice of video making info i’ve learned to date.

  3. Not to hijack the thread but several related questions here which all come back to pluraleyes.

    – Does Premiere CS5 work well on a new MBP laptop Core I7? I just can’t seem to get a good answer. I played with the demo version and it was ok but did not have the full functionality to support the 5D video and left me wondering.

    – If the answer is yes, then I will get PluralEyes and Premiere CS5.



    1. Exactly! This offer is not value for Premiere Pro on the Mac…

      “The Mac version will be a separate product with its own pricing”, was the answer of the company. You have to wait for some weeks before it is available. 🙁

  4. don’t know if this is to an old post to comment but Singular software have released a different piece of software which has me really excited and in my view better than pluraleyes. It’s called dualeyes, it does what Pluraleyes does but outside your NLE meaning it’s more useful cos you can just drag the converted clip into any timeline of any NLE hense freeing everybody of the restrictions to certain NLE’s. I would check it out it’s very cool.


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