Superb budget lens gears

copyright sam morgan moore/ 0760 444458
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Sam Morgan Moore has gone and made a superb product that pretty much all of you should snap up right now. Lens gears for follow focuses and for just having on your lenses to help get grip for hand focusing.

They are based on the simple premise of zip ties. You have the gear then a zip tie locks it onto the lens and you cut the excess zip tie off and hey presto a solid focus gear that stays on your lens always. Oh, and the best thing is…it’s cheap…£30 for 4 in the UK, $45 for 4 in the US…

redThey can also be bought from Wide Open Camera and are available there in red too! 

HIR Zip Tie Focus Gear from Sam Morgan Moore on Vimeo.


It’s a simple idea perfectly executed. They are really well made and work perfectly. Good job Sam.



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  1. Phillip,
    Will these work with the Redrock micro follow focus?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      if the follow focus can move close enough to the lens…check this…then yes

  2. I have a set of these from the beta phase.

    all I can say is they are utter genius.

    Fits well with the D|Focus.

    Currently have the Large gear mounted on the 24-105 lens and it just works a treat.

    Get ‘em while you can I’d say

  3. Migi Kaspar says:

    Hi Philip,

    there should not be any problem with the zacuto follow focus, right?

  4. Bo Reidler says:

    When you say they work perfectly, may I ask what Follow Focus system you have used with them?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      i have used my zacuto one, but just check out online and forums…people have used almost all of them with them…check before you buy though

  5. I use it with the D|Focus from Jag35. Works just fine

  6. And if you all are interested in cheap lens gears, you should check out Tony Carretti’s discovery where he re-purposes a little household tool and creates a $2.50 follow focus!!!

  7. pete lutz says:

    Got mine in the mail yesterday…put them on my lenses, tested them out, immediately ordered more. They are a perfect budget solution. Brilliant idea.

  8. Jon Chema says:

    Anyone here used “snap gears” they work great as well and can be quickly taken off one lens and snapped on the other.

  9. roman sydor says:

    These quick zip ties are fantastic! I can keep them on all my lens and pack them into my think tank bag and pull them out ready for use. I have the redrock version which are also great but bulky, and they need to be removed each time.

    These quick zip ties work with the Redrock Micro Follow Focus very well.

    They are also great for photography and reference focus points for video when you don’t have time to set up.

    It’s nice to have both options for sure!

    I ordered mine from Stu at Robert White Photographic Ltd, or

    The service was impeccable! You will not be disappointed!

    Thank you Stu!

    And thanks again philip for suggesting great options on your site.

  10. kayleigh says:

    Hi, You mentioned that these are quite cheap but how’s the quality? Does it stand up to something that’s a little more expensive?

    I buy all of my gear from I picked up some of their gear rings a couple of months ago and they’re great! They have replacement gears too and a bunch of different follow focus units.

    Personally, I like their stuff because it’s affordable and really great quality.