Essential add on for GoPro users. The LCD bacpac

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The GoPro HERO HD is an awesome little action camera. It’s so small, you can stick it anywhere and the quality is superb. I have been having a blast with them ever since I go my hands on one about a year ago. I am no extreme sportsman but I enjoy sticking them it all sorts of places to get some really cool shots.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the GoPro now the firmware has been fixed to give me 25p is the lack of LCD screen for lining up your shot. Now they have fixed this with their LCD bacpac. A simple clip on LCD screen that fits on the back of the GoPro clipping into their proprietary socket creating a nice perfect fit. They throw in 4 additonal back plate for your housings. A waterproof standard one, a non waterproof standard one, a waterproof wrist one and a non waterproof write one. All for just under $80.

Great price, great product and it really makes life a lot easier. You can also line up shot then turn off LCD and continue as normal therefore not draining the battery.

GoPro are one of my site affiliates and any purchases bought using the banner below help keep my site running. Like any endorsements it is always done on the quality of the product! GoPro sent me this to try out, loved it so much that I went and bought two more for my other GoPros!

360 degree GOPro HERO HD driving timelapse from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Shot between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Australia using an egg timer, the GoPro Hero HD in timelapse mode.

Egg timer from Camarush:

No texting and driving! All done whilst stationary…although lots of coffee drunk whilst driving!

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  1. Sami says:

    Just bought two LCD screens for my go pros plus a bunch of other gear. Looking forward to start playing a bit more with them… The screen is a game changer for me when it comes to the go pro cameras.

  2. ryan sisco says:

    Hey Philip, fantastic 360 degree timelapse with the GoPro camera and the egg timer!
    I was wondering if you would be iterested in checking out my vimeo account
    “Ryan & Nathaniel Sisco” and seeing what you think. Thanks!

  3. rick smith says:

    Philip, what’s your experience been with rolling shutter on the GoPro? I have a couple Contour cams I use mounted to bicycles and have found rolling shutter to be a major problem, although I’ve been told that going to 720p 60fps could help reduce the problem. Love the egg timer. Have to get me one of those just for fun.

  4. Jaap says:

    Hi Philip,

    A somewhat non related question, but do you recommend these hero’s as B-camera’s for a live concert DVD registration?
    And any suggestions for the most ideal A-camera type? I’m thinking of renting some Sony PMW-EXR1’s but have never tried these.

    Hope you can help me out your highness ;)


  5. NatureBoy says:

    Currently using 2 of the mini monitors. Finally am able to frame a shot and set up the camera menu with ease. It is a must have for proper framing in my opinion.

  6. STR1337 says:

    Awesome – such good value – great news about being able to check the lcd for shot composition / settings etc and then turn it off as well to preserve battery.

    How are you attaching the go pro to the top of the egg timer ??
    did a great job.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Just a gopro tripod mount seb

  7. Rob says:

    Nice work Philip how about whilst you are in Oz coming to the amazing Western Australia. People over here want to hear from the DSLR video man!

  8. You know Anti-Fog Inserts are great;-)

    I’ve always found this camera quite interesting but thought it was 720p only, turns out it’s 1080p too!

    One thing though, on their site it say it’s a CMOS sensor – how come then its footage is free from the ‘Jello’ effect from the rolling-shutter of CMOS sensors?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      You do see jello for sure. But it is a very wide angle lens and tiny sensor which helps

  9. Amazing product. Any discounts if we click through from your site?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      If you click on go pro banner I get a small affiliate percentage. No discounts am afraid

  10. Joe Cogan says:

    Perfect – did some skiing shots with my gp last week and ended up with lots of sky and not much else – this is what I needed.

  11. Seems the connection/connectors are exactly the same as the one used by Apple for the iDevices…

  12. Phil,
    Liked the Camalapse, are there any UK suppliers ?
    I had the idea of mounting it on a monopod above a motorbike.
    Hope you are enjoying Oz.
    All the best

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      Not that I know of…

  13. Bill Gill says:

    Filming a night demolition in sunny Greenock tonight with 4 of them – fingers crossed!

  14. Panny Hire says:

    Wow, very nice. I want one of these! :-)

  15. Todd Mahoney says:

    I ordered it the day it was released and it works great. You can play back video and stills with it. With with the chest mount the height is just right for viewing footage in the field hands free. The firmware upgrade also added 1 sec to time lapse options.

  16. If I knew at the time when I ordered my GoPro that you were an affiliate then I would have ordered through your link. Next time because I will for sure be buying another GoPro. Now I have to get me an egg timer for the 320 shots =]

    How about a meet up in Istanbul, Turkey? You can do time-lapses for the terrace of our families hotel. Wicked view.

  17. Thanks for recommending this, I bought it and it works great…I cannot see why they don’t just build the gopro with an lcd at the back anyways, it’s super annoying to have no idea what you’re shooting

  18. Thumbs this up! No words! your blog and article are always useful!

  19. Thank god, finally I found your site. This is the grateful from me.

  20. ryan sisco says:

    I am on vimeo by the way.