New Episode of Critics!!

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Check out episode 3 of the new season of Critics and the very silly promo for it beneath!!

Critics Season 3! If you are seeing this please upgrade your Flash Player at

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  1. This was the first Critics episode I’ve ever seen and I really enjoyed it. You guys do a great job! Thank you.

  2. Eli says:

    Totally agree with Philip about the last film(the Brazilian[?] one). While storytelling with minimal or no dialogue can be challenging, and amazing when done right, this last film was simply too slow – the current masters of this kind of storytelling are really the guys at Pixar, and you can see how they can give an entire backdrop to a film with absolutely no dialogue, and yet they manage to keep the story moving and keep you engaged. I was also not a huge fan of the sound design/foleys in it – the sounds themselves and placement were fine, but to be believable they should be much more subtle!
    Filming was beautiful, but is it just me who felt some of the shots in the beginning were a little shaky? As if the tripod was blowing in the wind a bit?
    Anyway, loved the show guys – now I have to check out the earlier episodes!

  3. LFK says:

    I really liked this one. Thank you for sharing.
    I’ve made a short film with no dialogues and wanted to submit it for ‘Critics’- but don’t know where/how to do it :(

    I put the link here :

    Sorry if it’s not the way to do, you can just suppress the message.
    Fred (LFK)

  4. mark prince says:

    nice chairs
    but too close together

  5. Mike says:

    Am I missing something? I don’t see the actual episode listed, I only the the promo and the previous episodes.

  6. STR1337 says:

    hah nice ep, last piece was great – really enjoyed that… Agree about the length / tightness of it being a bit much – there were at least 2 points it could have ended earlier and been a much stronger work.

    and Eli, I also noticed the shaky shots at the start – felt a little dslr ish on a light tripod..

    respect for the actors though, excellent job – and yes pixar’s are master at it – I think wall E was around 40mins without dialogue as such…

    Steve needs to hit back at Phil more and stop taking it so much haha!

    looking forward to more…