World’s first Sony F3 Nikon lens adaptor

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Tomorrow I get the Sony F3 K to play with for a week. The K means the PL lens kit, I am getting the 50 and 85mm but not the 35mm unfortunately but it will be great fun to shoot with.

As am owner of a large number of  Nikon lenses (and Canon of course) I really want to get hold of a an adaptor for this camera to take them. Mike Tapa of MTF services have just announced pre-ordering of the first Nikon adaptor for this camera. Shame I won’t have it in time. Looks cool. With this camera being more expensive than the AF101 and of course DSLR, affordable lens solutions are going to be sought away from PL. They are also taking order for their Canon FD mount too.

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  1. Great news !
    BUT, as for many lenses, it looks so small with the camera !

  2. Can’t wait your first feedback !!!

    I hope nikon/canon lenses will have good results, it would be a good solution to make the F3 price lower. And it will work with Nikon G lenses, nice.

  3. You lucky b*stard! Can’t wait for the test.

  4. Adrian says:

    Has anyone heard anything about suitable zoom lenses for this camera? It’s designed with a zoom rocker on the hand piece. Potentially a very exciting doco camera if we could get a good zoom to go with it!

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      nothing yet, too early days

  5. Hey, don’t you have some M-mount glass? I’d love to see some video shot with this and your voigtlander f/1.1 or your 35 (f/2?). I’d love to see that if you get a chance and an adapter becomes available– but I’m sure you’ll be on that.

    But this looks like a great cheaper-lens solution. I can dig it.

    Still, I would question anybody purchasing this camera (which takes PL lenses) who only had enough to afford Nikon and Canon glass for it. It’s great to give more options (options are always lovely), but I’d hate to see people start using these with ONLY the cheaper glass when the PL glass is so gorgeous. I can see that happening, people buying these and completely disregarding the PL mount (my favorite feature!).

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      there is no adaptor right now for m series lenses. hopefully they will be.

  6. Jiri Vrozina says:

    Looking at feedback regarding Sony F3 my money is on Pana af-100.

  7. A Leica adaptor for the F3 would be heaven sent. Anyone making one?
    Please let me know.

  8. Hey Phillip,
    Why don’t you use your clout and get MTF to make a Leica R adaptor for the F3. I have a full set of primes and want to use them on the Sony when it arrives.
    Joe : )

  9. west Ashton says:

    Hi Phillip just got my f3 with sony lens and are going to try to get my fujinon 22x hd lens on it I have sent a email to Mike at mtf to see if my ex3 to b4 adapter can be modified to suite just tried my adapter did not fit but very close. My fujinon lens cost more than my f3k hope it will one day work.
    Thanks West Ashton DP sydney
    PS Have been shooting ex3 with blade with canon L series for a few years now has been great but f3 will be a great replacment although would like to adapt the blade on to f3 for the spinning glass look