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This was shot for the Vimeo Video School. It is really basic basics for the total newbie. It keeps in nice and simple for the people who don’t know anything. For more in depth education check further tutorials on the education section of my website or get one of the excellent F-Stop Academy Training videos linked below.

For more advanced learning check out one of mine, Dan Chung’s or Drew Gardner’s training videos from F-Stop Academy

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  1. Hello Phillip,

    Quick question. Tascam is your first choice? What happened to the zoom H4n? You have a page where you talk about the difference?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      yep its my preference these days

  2. martin2 says:

    I get real success without the external sound recorder, as I find even the best of them slightly “tinny” and thin in sound, using Rode Video Mic Pro. They are an Australian made microphone that I find execeptionally clear. The pad swith means I get no clipping in any circumstance.
    Have you every worked with these before what are your thoughts?
    Does sound get recorded better using a better dslr once you have an external mic attached or are they much of a muchness?

    Rode Video Mic Pro