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Tilt shift video timelapse from Canon S95 from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

This is the last bit of my journey through Osaka in a bus to the Hilton hotel.

Nice to be back in Japan. Such a cool place and so utterly different to the usual places I have been to really.

I am here in Osaka to visit Panasonic and to see how the AF-101 is coming along and to do some more filming with it. Barry Green from DVX user is here too…

The real fun will be in Kyoto on Wednesday when I will get to shoot with the camera. Should be beautiful there.

So far I have heard the EVF is WAY better than the temp one I had, we are talking HPX 371 quality here which is great news. I will share with you as much as I am allowed, which will hopefully be a lot!

In the meantime check out two shorts I made the last time I came to Japan two years ago. Over in Tokyo…

Alone in Tokyo HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed in Tokyo in April/ May 2008 using the Sony EX1 and the Letus Extreme/ Letus Ultimate and some shots just using the EX1.

Music is by Air called “Alone in Kyoto”

Edited on a 17″ MBP using FCP 6 and graded with Magic Bullet looks.

Thanks to Alex and Dean for their help.

Kubalsky’s Shibuya: EX1 and Letus Ultimate HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed in 1080p 25fps using the EX1 and Letus Ultimate 35mm adaptor. Last shot done using motorized tripod head.

Huge thanks to Alex Kubalsky for his help and inspiratiion.

Music is Autumn Leaves (Japanese Version) by Nat King Cole

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  1. Marc says:

    Will you have any time on a production GH-2?

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      I am getting one next week back in London

  2. Looking forward to reading your further thoughts on the camera!

  3. serj kasparoff says:

    Hi from Moscow, Russia)
    Thanks for your indie-cine-tech spotlight that i have a pleasure to watching for a long time, Philip.
    My friend is going to go to Japan, and i’m thinking ask him to bring me gh2 with some lenses from there (if i’ll be able to set english firmware). So, maybe You can recommend me some retails in Tokyo/Osaka that might have these cameras to the end of november (since the language features i can’t find any info about panny-shop there).
    Thanks for attention)
    And.. where is Your GH2 review?)) have no time?..

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      The GH2 I had was really buggy. I am getting a production one next week…I understand the GH2 you buy here is Japanese menus only…

      1. serj kasparoff says:

        so, do you think it could be impossible to load european firmware to this??
        today Panasonic Rus tell me that we could not see the camera in our country till february (means officials deliveries).

  4. rizibo says:

    It would be great if panasonic will also give you their 14mm 2.5 lens. This could be the fast and wide lens we are waiting for this camera.

  5. LFK says:

    If you knew how much I miss Japan : :'(
    There’s a saying “To see Kyoto and die” – That’s what I felt when I was there.
    I hope you’ll enjoy this heaven on earth and bring back your master piece Film.

  6. STR says:

    Looking forward to seeing your footage with a production model – will this be 24Mbps or Nano ??

    I am sure your footage will look amazing. Watch out for that Barry Green – he can be ferocious about DSLRs !

  7. Sean Judson says:

    Wow. Great to have you Kansai. It’s a good time to do a test. Kyoto is a wonderful place in Autumn. If you would like any suggestions of places to shoot, feel free to ask.

  8. osakawayne says:

    Hey man, Osaka is a great town! Don’t give it short shrift. Everybody shoots tokyo or kyoto, they are shined up to look pretty for all the tourists.

    Osaka is down and dirty, still reeling from recession, and a glimpse of our possible economic future. Also home to one of the largest slums in Japan, Kamagasaki. The tourist bureau doesn’t want you to know about it, but you can see for you yourself that the ‘economic miracle’ of Japan, is not all it claims, it just hides the rejected castes (derogatorily referred to as ‘buraku’, and poor better than we do. These folks need a voice:

    give this guy’s gallery a whirl:

  9. osakawayne says:

    oh, and google the ‘kamagasaki riots’ they were not well publicized by the press, but they were brutal, and police did not accurately report deaths. (if a victim of police brutality dies 24 hours after the incident, he is not counted)

  10. markgardner says:

    ‘Such a cool place’ – sure is, been here for 3 years

  11. rizibo says:

    Please test the 60p 720.

  12. rizibo says:

    Please compare the 60i 1080 vs the 60p 720.

  13. Rodman says:

    Philip, eagerly awaiting your review on the refined AF-100(1)!!! Also, hoping you’ll get your hands on a D7000 soon; would love to hear your opinion on how it compares with the 7D.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      i have a review of d7000, gh2 and af101 all coming soon!! bought the canon as couldnt get one from Nikon!

  14. Jon Chema says:

    I wish I had your job!! :)

  15. Sony Stark says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Your work is magic!