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DP Gale Tattersall on the left with a "House" 5dmkII, Greg Yaitaines on the right

Not a lot of info here but I wanted to pass it on…I just had a little twitter exchange with Greg Yaitanes, the EP and Director of some episodes of the FOX show “House” with whom I did a long interview with back in April about their season finale that they shot entirely on 3 5DmkII. Well, Greg has told me that they are “being used in a big way in every episode and seamlessly intercutting with film”.

That’s great news to hear and encouraging for all us Canon DLSR users out there. Everyone who saw the finale will attest that it was a brilliant episode and the 5DmkII use enhanced the storytelling with it’s ability to be more intimate for the filming in the claustrophobic sets. It’s great to hear that it was not just a one of experiment or that their experience with them has not put them off using them again! I will be in Santa Monica for a couple of weeks next month, hopefully I will get a chance to see for myself first hand. I know DP Gale Tattersall loves the full frame sensor so no surprise he is still using them! It’s still my preference for cameras out of all of them due that unique look…

You can buy the 720p HD version from your itunes store, it’s worth it…or if you want the full HD version the Bluray box set is coming soon, but that means buying the whole lot…I have the itunes version and it looks great.

You can listen to my original interview with Greg below.

Greg Yaitanes

Interview with Greg Yaitanes about Season Finale of House by PhilipBloom

You can download the full interview in .m4a format by right clicking and “save as” here

Transcription of interview can be found by clicking here, thanks to Oli Lewington

Photo of the camera being used on the finale below…

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  1. Ari says:

    Dang that is good news! 5d mark ii FTW! =) Get better Mr. B!

  2. carl says:

    That is excellent news Philip. It just adds more credibility when we can go to clients and say to them that Hollywood are using these cameras and they can be confidently be used for our projects.

  3. Great news! They really do like full frame for this kind of show. I wonder whey they persist with S35 film at all though, when they can get a Arri Alexa or even a full frame video camera and intercut with the 5D Mark II.

    1. pbloom says:

      There aren’t any full frame video cameras Andrew!

  4. Imacanon says:

    thats awesome news, thanks for the update :)

  5. e_alyms says:

    Great news! By the way Philip, I know your Skywalker Ranch was amazing to watch on big screen. What about 720p from 7D in slowmo on big screen? – do you think the footage will be fine at cinema? What about 7D 720p and 1080p footage made into one short piece and again seen on big screen? will they be too different to be put one after another(1080p converted into 720p of course)? (not talking about aliasing here). Thanks, Edward.

  6. wickenden says:

    maybe this is said in the audio post but what’s that on top of the camera? bubble level? eye light of some kind?

    1. pbloom says:

      yep, spirit level.

  7. Did you get the impression that the full frame sensor was the dealmaker for Greg?

    It’s really interesting to see the mainstream, professional use that SLR video is getting. This is an impressive resume item for a camera that is pushing the $2000 mark:

    1. pbloom says:

      It was for Gale.

  8. Jon Chema says:

    Phil do you know what monitor they are using? Looked like a Marshall…do you know if they are running direct HDMI or converting to HD-SDI then running to monitor? Also, did I see a RedRock Micro shouldermount in that pic? Its so cool to see that a big name TV-Series such as HOUSE is using a.) a DSLR that consumers can afford and b.) Accessories that they can afford as well. Just goes to show that these cameras are still tools at the end of the day. Its awesome that theses cameras are opening up doors to filmmakers who otherwise haven’t been able to afford film/other expensive rigs. :)

    1. pbloom says:

      yep a Marshall and they used an HDMI to SDI convertor.

  9. Per Nicolaisen says:

    Speaking Marshall monitors. Any word about when the Marshall 5″ is released for sale?

  10. STR says:

    amazing – would love to see more BTS photos!

    Downloading the Ep now – Cant wait to see more film / 5D inter-cutting… esp Red tails footage.
    Exciting times for film/video ahead..!!

  11. gmeijer says:

    Hi all,

    On the Canon website I found this over one hour interview with Greg Yaitanes and Gale Tattersall.