One of my favourite timelapses ever!

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This happened almost by accident…I have been shooting for Lucasfilm over in Italy this week and I saw some dramatic skies over the lake, put my Canon on the wall, no tripod and set it to take a photo every two seconds. The skies turned into a storm…I did grab the camera before it got wet but the resulting footage was so dramatic I had to put it together and totally go OTT with it! No dollies, no motorised action, not even a tripod! Enjoy!

Timelapsing to death from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

A beautiful Tuscany/ Umbria timelapse goes HORRIBLY wrong!

No cameras were harmed in the making of this timelapse. This is a work of fiction!

P.S. That ain’t flicker, that’s lightning

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  1. Emon says:

    Holy shite!!

  2. poor 5D… hahahahahaha

  3. Jeff says:

    Is it sad that I actually felt like crying?…. I need to not love equipment so much.

  4. That is amazing. I am definitely attempting a time lapse.

  5. Patrick says:


  6. Jay Shepherd says:

    Very nice! What were your exposure settings?

    1. pbloom says:

      gosh, no idea! AV mode…maybe F4

  7. jason rogers says:

    Hey Phil, in a lapse that smooth, how often are you capturing a frame?

    1. pbloom says:

      that was every two seconds, but also de-flickered in post using Genarts Sapphire. Pricey, very pricey.

  8. Those shafts of light are awesome! =)

  9. Dan says:

    great composition, great video

  10. Pekkah says:

    *Irony* This really made me want to make a timelapse *Irony*
    Anyways…I loved the timelapse, except from the last part :)

  11. Chally says:

    Haha nice ending

  12. We will remember her… – it beautifully gathered momentum. One day, her followers will go RAW and waterproof…

  13. Nitroman says:

    The resolution on this HD timelapse is awesome. Looks far better than video footage from the camera – i guess since it originates from large jpgs.

    How do you usually sharpen you video for web since your 5D Training video suggests turning the in camera sharpening right down ?

    Ever wonder if this was God’s way of saying take a break Philip … you’re working too hard ! :)

    Ps – any news on the moire issue – it was my pic you used from the Cinema5D forum thread with the multi coloured roof ! Keep up the great work …

  14. Chris Kluepfel says:

    Nice timelapse and funny ending, well it was funny after i read it was “fiction” :) Great to read your 5D is ok. I`m getting more and more into timelapse and there`s allways this concern about how to configure the cam. How would you do that if you would like to get a few thunders? Any AV or TV settings?

  15. Josh Brooks says:

    Lol, i love the build up in the music works really nice.

    I shot some lighting in 60p to see how the 7D would cope, although couldn’t quite keep up giving some scatty flicker here and there, didn’t do half as bad as i expected.

  16. vegar says:

    I didn’t know you did weather tests of cameras. :-)

    So 7D is the right camera for this job. Please try!

  17. Oh… Beautiful and always surprising Umbria. I was there for a shoot last month, and was also caught in one hell of a thunder storm. A very impressive and awesome experience.

    By the way… I took my still camera out to the streets when I had some time off, and shot some pictures of the people there. Check it out if you feel like – who knows, one might find some inspiration :-)


  18. Laurent Torno says:

    How do you set the 5D to time lapse mode?
    I must be missing something.

    1. pbloom says:

      Hi Laurent. LOADS of info on this site. Go to education and timelapse.

  19. graham says:

    remember what your setting where? loved the motion!

  20. STR says:

    She went to the great timelapse in the sky – where DSLR’s shoot 2K / HD pro-res + raw video and have phantom xlr inputs + 1080p outputs.

    Loved it how the rain / clouds came so rapidly towards the cam !

  21. RickJ says:

    I dropped my Nikon D70 in a river a few years back.. immediately took the battery out and left it to dry in a airing cabinet for 2 weeks, then low and behold she fired up and was as good as new.. no water marks on the sensor.. nothing.. However she didn’t fare too well when I took her on the tall ship Endeavour, was nowhere to keep her dry.. :(

    1. pbloom says:

      it didn’t really die…

  22. David Esp says:

    Wot, no speed-of-sound delay? But then I s’pose, sped-up pitch-maintained audio would shrink that delay down to unnoticeable… Anyhow, great on-the-case stuff, most indubitably.