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Yep, I kid you not. With a few modifications to a standard cheap egg timer you can turn it into an automated panning “motor”, it’s clockwork hence “motor” used loosely.

Of course it has it’s limitations, it will take only very small cameras, something like a GoPRO HD or what I used, an iphone. Larry Towe kindly made me a couple after I met him at the St Petersburg meet up and he sent them to me. So very kind thanks! It can rotate for up to one hour for the full 360 degree.

Here is one I did by mounting the egg timer onto my gorillapod, an iphone Z-grip upside down screwed onto the egg timers as it has the thread on it and used the excellent app “itimelapse” for the iphone. All was rendered, music added and uploaded within the app! It’s shot during the Key West meet up which was enormous fun. Huge thanks to Eric Kessler for hosting it!

Here is Larry’s little video tutorial on how to one for yourself and the one he did with GoPro HD, which also takes stills so perfect for this.


Don’t want to make your own? Well you can also buy one from Camarush for $25, it is called the Camalapse. It doesn’t come with the mini trpod or the GOPro Hero mount. The video below is shot using the Camalapse and is about 550 degrees!!

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  1. Wood says:

    Very good!It’s very useful!

  2. Ronald Vonk says:

    Brilliant! DIY is the best!

  3. This is cool! gotta try it too!

  4. edi says:

    haha i built one just two days ago.. iTimeLapse for the win :)

  5. Rob Imbs says:

    That’s such a great idea.

  6. mark thompson says:

    Phil, what is the little black (hard drive looking) atatchment you have hooked up to ur iPhone?

    1. pbloom says:

      extra battery Mark as it was running low

  7. gmac says:


  8. Imacanon says:

    ha…you’ve made my day man

    keep up the awesome wacky amazing work

    P.S hope Tom is doing much better now ha :)

  9. Jon Bufkin says:

    Unbelievable! Now we just need a $25 option for the 5D :)

  10. Andrew Reid says:

    I found it fun to pause every few frames to catch people goofing about. Especially good at 6/7 seconds though :)

    1. Paintedsheep says:

      Haha…right. I too enjoyed the subject at about 6 seconds.

  11. Chad Soriano says:

    I forecast a 360 degree Key West sunset timelapse with egg timer and iPhone 4 very soon…Great Vid!


    It took 1 hour recording video for the 360º spin ???


    Could be faster ????

    1. pbloom says:

      perfectly fits music so dont want it faster.

  14. Paintedsheep says:

    Wow…is there anything you won’t shoot on??
    Please don’t tell me the iphone is “the next big thing”…man I just bought the 7d!

  15. Super Cool! Great idea! Thanks for the new camera trick!

  16. Great fun this is! I suppose you could use the mechanical part of a battery powered kitchen clock as a similar device? I’ll give it a try..

  17. Clayton says:

    I love one of the shots during the 3 second mark of the meetup timelapse. There’s a shot of Phil placing a plastic cup on Tom’s head, and both have a shit eating grin on their faces. Hilarious!

  18. Mike Ritchie says:

    Very clever. Very cool.

  19. Bernie Hipos says:

    Very cool Philip! It was nice meeting you guys at the Key West meet up. It was a whole lot of fun. Cheers!

  20. John says:

    Very cool Philip.

    That $20 Camarush timer looks suspiciously like

  21. STR says:

    haha great stuff !

    Do you find the Gorilla pod useful for shooting on 5D / general shooting when traveling light ?

    1. pbloom says:

      never used it with 5d…

  22. Hal says:

    oeuf fermier

  23. JR says:


  24. PRIO says:

    I laughed when i saw you queing it up in Key West… it works great!!! Cant wait to see them with the new cam in the iphone 4.

  25. Carl says:

    Hey Philip thats great thanks!

    I notice that your Egg Timer timelapse is hosted on “Philipbloom’s Youtube Channel”. And your previous upload of “Florida Electrical Storm” is hosted on your Vimeo Channel.

    My question… any rhyme and reason for using one over the other. If you were setting up a client whom wanted to add video content to their site and have either of the above pages hosting the embedded video, would you recommend Youtube, Vimeo, or another host?



    1. pbloom says:

      simply because i am having trouble uploading to vimeo from within the app.

  26. My entry for your 90 sec one object challenge.