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Just got back from it and had such a blast. Loads of people turned up, well over a hundred and I loved that nobody really cared about us being there. That’s Venice Beach for you….

Met so many great people as well as some old friends like 24 DP Rodney Charters, the Jag boys, David Aldirch, Brian R and loads more.

There were so many rigs there and different HD-DSLRs. Loved the people who made their own rigs. One guy made his own Steadicam Merlin, there was a 7D 3d rig, Jag35‘s new shoulder mount and their truly excellent DSLR cage and one really amazing rig…

This really was quite amazing. It’s made by ViewFactor but isn’t actually for sale yet. It works as a breakout box for using proper power and video connectors for all your pro accessories. This is something to keep an eye out on, his wireless follow focus was also amazing! Here is a pic of it and there are loads more if you scroll down…

Here are some videos made by the people who came…

The Great HD-DSLR Meet up (Canon 7D) from Emrys Roberts on Vimeo.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Canon EF 20mm f1.8, Canon EF 50mm f1.8
Editing and CC: Premiere Pro CS3

The Great Meet Up from laherrera5 on Vimeo.

Many of the photos were taken with the GF1 and the excellent Noktor F0.95 lens, you will know those one as they are the ones with crazy shallow dof!!


Mr. Rodney Charters!


3d rig!

This lovely man was accidentally sent two of those so he gave it back to me!

So i gave it to budding cinematographer Cole

Everyone is into these HD-DSLRs!!!


The excellent new Jag35 cage


Mitch from Planet 5d

Emrys Roberts



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  1. 7Dpro says:

    ah man… I wish I was there.

  2. Paul Bryant says:

    I was intrigued by the “VF” cage and remote FF, but wasn’t familiar with the mf’r. Bit of googling turned up:

    Really nice stuff. Hope that saves someone else a minute or three… :)

    1. Serge Taveras says:

      Its not much different than the Switronix version or IR control for any camera for $165.

      But still a Good find!

  3. Looks like quite the turnout. So awesome to see a large gathering of HDSLR shooters. I was there in spirit and since I couldn’t make it out to California I decided to use my 7D on a shoot today to honor the occasion. Haha, not really I just love using the thing.



  4. Ben Bunch says:

    Hoping we’ll get to see some video clips using the Noktor…time to dust off the GH1?

  5. pkapas says:

    Too bad I was not able to be there. I was on my calendar though. :( Dumb midterms got in the way. Well what can you do… maybe next time Philip! :)

  6. Philip it was a pleasure meeting you today! The turnout was excellent, and we only pissed off 1 local (notice the cops in the background?)

    I was so impressed with all the different rigs everyone has created it was awesome to see them all!

    From my end of the spectrum as a still photographer for the last 10 years getting into video now there is so much for me to learn, but it’s all so exciting!

    Thanks again for organizing the meetup, I’m very glad to have attended!

    – Abram

  7. reubal says:

    Why are you stealing that DVD from that boy? And I hope you washed your hands after handling bikini-man’s balls.

  8. Brandy says:

    I had a great time! So many toys, awesome people & loads of information. Most importantly I got to meet you Mr. Bloom-Thanks a million for having this gathering.

  9. Reminder #10 to leave some feedback/ criticism on my vimeo firefighters video it would mean a lot, this may have to be the last reminder even though you told me to keep reminding you. I am starting to annoy myself lol. I did a better video recently so will bother you to watch that instead when its up. BTW I bought the 24 – 105mm f4 coffee mug!! amazing. Seems someone is advertising it as an icecream cup too..

      1. Francisccm says:

        But you can’t buy the thermos :(
        I can’t wait to receive the cup. also made up a f1.2 50mm f/1.2 cappuccino cup
        just for fun.

        See this canon 5D flash drive too

  10. Vince C says:

    Hope you enjoyed the great weather ! Philip – one question – which filter for my 7D/Tokina 11-16mm…Singh Vari-N-Duo or Vari-ND ?

    1. pbloom says:

      think singh ray 77mm

  11. Hunter Kerhart says:

    It was an awesome meet. Really amazing how just regular joe’s can get access to these great cinematographers (Phil & Rodney). Loved listening to every word they said. I think I’m regretting being too shy to get a pic with Phil. :-/

  12. Sean Duran says:

    Oh! This really was today. I thought you were joking about The Oscars. Sad I missed this :(

  13. Eddie says:

    It was awesome meeting so many other HD-DSLR geeks there. Fun times.

  14. J-dog says:

    Looks like great energy and sharing going on! What was your fav’ of all the rigs or say top three from the perspective of: handling, capturing audio, viewing an image?



  15. javier rivera says:

    NYC??? Is that ever going to be on your destination map???

  16. S. Allman says:


    I saw your request for meetup photos. Feel free to steal them from my blog at Just click on the photos and save them to disk. Should be sufficient blogging resolution.

    Thanks again for arranging the meetup.


  17. efix says:

    Philip, were all the Noktor shots taken at 0.95, or did you eventually stop down? (I’d think so because of the very bright light outside?)

    1. pbloom says:

      most were wide open

  18. LOL, totally forgot you took a picture of me. Really fun weekend. :)

  19. alfred says:

    it looks like alot of interesting people showed up :-) this made me wish i was still living in L.A not Kansas where no one visits :P

  20. TimFok says:

    Looks like fun! looking to forward to one near me in the UK.

  21. roemer says:

    me tooooo

  22. Docmorzy says:

    Very funny and creative rigs !

  23. Who is the man with the follow focus ?
    His cage design, IDX power supply and BNC outputs (?) look amazing.

    cheers, Eddie

  24. Ove Ellemark says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! And that´s when good film becomes reality!

    /Ove Ellemark

  25. Richard says:

    Do you happen to know what kind of rig/cage the guy on this photo has?×1000.jpg

    Looks pretty slick!

    1. kimblarsen says:

      That image is of Curt von Badinski, Co-Founder of ViewFactor studios. It looks like he has the 5D mounted on their Contineo 5D Non-Powered Cage, an Inclino Digital Motor for follow focus with an Impero Remote and an Origo Start and Stop unit plus a whole lot more stuff! Check it out at

  26. Jonny Jones says:

    Brilliant turn out! Some super slick rigs there as well! :-)

  27. Serge Taveras says:

    WOOOooOOooo! Amazing DOF! I want me a Noktor!!!!
    And a Remote Follow Focus!!!! Seems the cops came in at pic 11?!?! And how nice of you to give that disk to a young gun and even nicer that someone was that honest to hold on to it and give it back to you.

  28. Mvallone says:

    Really Cool stuff!
    Do you have more info on the Jag35’s new shoulder mount? And the rig with electronic follow focus?

    I like in UK but next time I’ll be there!

  29. What kinda rig is he using >>>×1000.jpg ???
    looks like a nice design, specially the grips.

    1. planetMitch says:

      That’s the new wireless follow focus rig from View Factor – — The mounts were used by Rodney Charters on 24.

  30. Evermore says:

    Can’t wait to have a meet up in New York.

  31. Bostjan Majcen says:

    Phil, could you tell us more ’bout that remote?

  32. Glad the day went so well, great to see the photos. Pleased that you unwittingly celebrated my 65th birthday in such style!!! while I was auditioning actors for a short film :).

  33. TRIFILMER says:






  34. MikeCollins says:

    Sorry I missed this too. The Jag 35 case looks amazing. I have one of their Focus Gears and it works like a dream.

  35. Brandon says:

    What is that wireless follow focus system?

  36. Phil,

    Great stuff all weekend. Hope you can set up another LA meet up in the next year.

  37. Sandy Sutherland says:

    BIG thanks Philip for organizing the meet up, I’m so gutted that I got called into work only an hour after the meet up began! Was great to see such a big turn out, and so many amazing rigs – so many different rigs!

    I wondered if could be a good idea to setup a facebook group or something like that for everyone who attended the meet up?

    Thank again,

  38. siddique hussain says:

    Lots of people with a common interest in a warm climate and under no pressure! Sounds like fun to me. A true alternative to the other big event in LA.

  39. Love the breakout with the BNC’s. That kind of gear will really make it more immediately usable to pro video ops and the rest of their gear.

  40. Robert Lyon says:

    Whats up with that 3d rig?

  41. Nelson Hill says:

    Hey Philip,
    It was a great pleasure meeting you and the rest of the “Merry Men” out in Venice!
    We apologize for not saying good bye, but you were surrounded, and we didn’t want to disturb you!
    We hope your trip to LA was a successful one, and we look forward to meeting up with you again in the near future!
    All the best,
    Nelson & Charlotte

    1. pbloom says:

      Thanks for coming!

  42. Lisa J. Kassner says:

    Looks like a good time to me. I am impressed with all of the R&D that is being done. Now all we have to do is up the resolution with CMOS technology.

    1. Michael Berry says:

      Well, after that Canon engineer cried after seeing the amazing images his sensor produced maybe he’ll be motivated to add wishlist items from cinematographers like Philip to their next sensor design. :)

  43. jshalvorsen says:

    That looked like a really good time! Gotta love it when people interested in the same things come together and share their interest :D

  44. zack mctee says:

    any further details on the rig that gives “Canon all the proper connections you could want both for power and video output” ??? That thing looks like a beast. Is he recording video to a firestore type device using the HDMI output?

  45. RadRaven says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this in time… I live 5 mins away… bummer! ;(

    T ; )~

  46. SpenserS says:

    Philip, did you get the name of the rig with the remote follow focus? that thing has one of the best setups I’ve seen. I would love to look into them. thanks

  47. Tony says:

    Good to see Curt von Badinski is alive and kicking.

  48. Kyle says:

    Hey Phil home come Canon doesn’t put its 7D or 5D sensor and EF mounting on an XL1 body? I mean at this point the amount of trouble people are going through (including my self) to make there HD SLR a pro-sumer camera why not just make a camera that caters to all these needs in one convenient package?

    Just some food for thought.

    Cheers, Kyle

    1. LFK says:

      I totally agree with you

  49. Boris Sucre says:

    I’ll share with all of you, I found this link, doesn’t say much just that was make with a Shift & tilt lens and it was a timelapse, anyone have more info?

    1. Andrius SImutis says:

      It’s all right there, a link from the description.

  50. Jeffrey Baird says:

    Most heard comments yesterday: 1) hey man, what the hell’s goin on over there? 2) sweet rig, how much? 3) what’s that tiny little camera Phil’s got with the lens & Z-finder hooked on it?

    Glad I came by, beautiful day, was torn between going out to shoot & checking out all the new gear.

    BTW I agree with Scott that Phil’s created this monster so now he should make a feature film & give us all jobs :) LOL

  51. Michael Berry says:

    I had a great time even though I arrived late and don’t yet own a DSLR. I’m hoping to get my T2i soon. I was amazed at how friendly and humble everyone was. I had no idea that Rodney was the DP on 24 when I was picking his brain about his new T2i, and he happily answered all of my questions which he had probably been asked many times that day. I even got to talk to the CEO of Jag35 from whom I found out makes a lot of cool gear for DSLR filmmaking.

    Maybe someone can start an L.A./Southern California HD-DSLR Filmmaker’s User Group or something so we can have semi-regular meetups. Although I’m biased as a noob I think everyone could benefit from such a group.

    Thanks Philip for organizing this meet-up.

  52. […] Check out Philip Blooms Blog entry about yesterdays meet up CLICK HERE […]

  53. Bill Vincent says:

    Looks like you had a great turnout, Philip! Sorry I missed it. Eventually you’ll be in Atlanta or something and I’ll be closer.

  54. Tom says:

    Regarding the follow focus:
    it’s from a company called View Factor. They have several products and great ideas for future products. Impero Remote and Inclino Motors for their follow focus system. They are also working on this new cage system for dslr’s.

    Don’t ge me wrong here, they make nice designed products and have some great ideas. They seem like cool guys. I just wish they were a more responsible and reliable company. The problem is they have no interest in customer support what so ever. I was one of the first people to pre-pay an order for their follow focus system for my Red camera. For months and month they continue to promise it was almost done. I also had to continually track them down to get these answers as well. A year later we finally received a unit which was more in a beta state than a release state. And now almost another year later they still don’t answer their phones or email or update their website regarding the firmware status of the Impero.

    They haven’t finished the Inclino firmware and it really seems this company has gone under from their lack of response. All I can say is that after prepaying and a year of waiting for a promised product I am now stuck with a unit that had great potential but is far from complete and with many bugs and most features not even implemented yet. If these guys wake up and start understanding that it’s not only about creating a potentially great product it’s just as important to understand and implement great customers service for ultimate success and longevity of your company. I wouldn’t invest in these guys nor pre-pay for any more of their products. If it was on a store shelf where I could touch it and purchase it right there and if that product didn’t require any service updates then maybe I would.

    Another note to take about the follow focus system:
    The motors are noisy and the housing of the Impero is cheap plastic – one drop and it’s over. Firmware is not complete.

    buyer be aware…

  55. Can’t beat hanging by the beach out with like minded people. It was really inspiring.

    Here is a link to a short video I got from playing around yesterday in Venice.

  56. Sesa says:

    Cool meet up !

  57. Eddie Kezeli says:

    Ha, that was me with the DIY steadicam! :P
    Here’s some of the first footage I took with it:

    Thanks again for the meetup! It was a lot of fun!

  58. Stephen Carr says:

    Hello, Philip!

    We met briefly (and filmed each other) at this past Sunday’s great HD-DSLR meet-up in Venice. I’ve finished a short film from the footage I shot that day titled, “Venice + ecineV”, shot entirely on the T2i/55Od:

    Thanks for organizing the event. I had an absolute blast meeting like-minded folks and shooting such colorful characters. I hope you enjoy the short as much as I had putting it together. Thanks, Philip.

    -Stephen Carr

    1. Very nice edit Stephen, I really like the slow-mo-seagull.

  59. B. Schultz says:

    Phil, I am finishing compositing the 3D footage shot with my 7D rig on Sunday. It turned out very well. Just wondering where/how to get the footage uploaded. I’ve finished it in anaglyph format so anyone with red/cyan glasses can view it.

    You mentioned to me that you might start up a Vimeo page for Sunday’s footages, if so will that be the upload repository?

  60. Daniel Maloney says:

    A picture of you taking a picture of us! My friend and I weren’t able to talk to you as we had to leave, but we still had a great time! Many thanks!

  61. Takeshi Fukushima says:

    VF cage is awesome. Wireless Follow focus would be great for steadicam shots too!
    I used VF’s impero on a RED with Canon EF lenses before,,, It was a RED with Canon EF lens adaptor to use Canon lens… Another unique thing is that you can follow focus the canon EF lens WITHOUT gears…. So that means it’ll be able to focus on a EOS camera too?
    Apparently it’s not THAT simple… I saw a interview of Magic Lantern creator Mr. Hudson mentioning he’s working on a firmware that would control lens focus remotely on the 5D… I am curious how that went. Any news?

  62. Frisby says:

    You totally need to make a high-res life-size standee of that half naked dude. You could take it to events and maybe even pull an Amélie and have him pose all over the world with you.

  63. I hate it to see you guys having so much fun in Venice beach.
    What about coming to Paris, France, for a change :)

    1. pbloom says:

      organise it and i will come

  64. Jesse Sanchez says:

    That ‘camcaddie’ item looks interesting. simple design. is it as functional as it looks Phil?

  65. Damon Lee says:

    I learned so much just standing out there watching so many people talk about their cameras. Thank you PB.

    By any chance would you mind sending me a jpeg of that picture you took of me?

    I am the black guy wearing the brown jacket and sunglasses.

    1. pbloom says:

      where are you. can’t find the photo!

  66. Glad to meet you, you’re awesome for having this meet up. I think we all learned a lot and it was fun to see all the camera configurations as well.

    Lunch was awesome as well, though I wish I ordered the Pizza over my Chicken Sandwich!

    J. Michael Lockhart

  67. Ilona says:

    Wow, you really, truly need an F0.95 lens to shoot on a sunny day on the beach, don’t you?

    Should have thought of this myself sooner, dang.

    1. Philip Bloom says:

      if you can’t be bothered to say something nice why bother at all? Unless of course being a smart arse is your thing?