Weekend testing of Prototype Canon 1DMKIV HD video in Prague

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I personally recommend the 7D version as it covers the same ground as the 5DmkII version but in more detail.




our first touch...

our first touch...


In a few hours I get on a plane to Prague where it is VERY cold. I am meeting up with Albert Hughes to do some shooting on the 1DmkIV. It’s a stunning city and should look great with this camera in low light.




Prague at night, not shot on 1DmkIV

Prague at night, not shot on 1DmkIV


I only have it for a two days so it’s unlikely I will get a chance to do any side by comparisons between this, the 7D and the 5DmkII but even from one very short test shot I did it’s way cleaner at 3200 ISO than the Canon 5dMKII and 7D are.




Z-Finder V2 or 1DmkIV

Z-Finder V2 or 1DmkIV


I will be updating this blog over the next three days or so finally culminating in a short film made out there.

On Sunday, Lucasfilm’s Rick McCallum will be joining us which will be very cool as we had a great time over at Skywalker Ranch last week. In that vein below is the very first shot I did with the Canon 1dmkiV prototype. Don’t worry, it will get better from now on ;-)  !!

Silliest first test shot of Canon 1DMKIV ever… from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

well so far anyway!

Just camera on tripod. Lights off, let’s see what she can do.

ISO 3200. CANON L series 35mm f1.4 wide open.

Check out my blog for continual updates of weekend shooting with it.

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  1. Jason says:

    Haha…. that’s awesome. Maybe over the weekend, you & Rick can fight each other!

  2. Voytech says:

    Awesome! Have fan in Prague and shoot some clubbing scenes.

  3. chris schwartz says:

    have a safe flight

  4. That was perfect use of the new saber. Just watched the boxes get ripped open on your other video…. should’ve seen this coming. Ha! Great plot development! :)

  5. John Novotny says:

    LMAO, still on your Skywalker trip.

    Prague very beautiful, a great shooting location.

    Can’t wait for the review.

  6. Rob Imbs says:

    I’m not impressed, I get that same kind of low light performance from my HVX and letus adapter,….

    ….BWAhahaAHAHAAAaaa! …oh man, oh that was funny.

    JK,that low light performance is ridiculous!, I’m envious.

    BTW, the light-saber powering off looked very cool in a pitch black room!

    1. pbloom says:

      i dropped shutter to 1/30th so I would get some motion blur on the blade!

  7. yesss!!!! I CANT WAIT!!

  8. Ron Dawson says:

    So, the light saber activating was very phallic Philip. Was that on purpose? Wishful thinking are we? ;)

  9. Larry says:

    Loved it….put a smile on my face

  10. Roman France says:

    That was the most EPIC test video I’ve seen. That’s high claim because I just watched Avatar in IMAX 3D and that might be the most EPIC film ever.

  11. gmtof says:

    I can’t judge on the 1DMKIV quality their is a damn geek one the video
    Anyway thanks for you’re videos really inspiring or informative (exept this one :)

  12. STR says:


    Bring it on…

    PS – would love to see a green saber battling with you – lighting would look awesome!

  13. joe plenys says:

    Super curious to see if Canon got rid of the recording light/cropping of the image on the hdmi output with this camera so it could be used with NanoFlash or http://www.cinedeck.com/content/#/2?type=serial&var=
    so h.264 could be bypassed.

    Have a chance to connect it to the nanoflash?

    Cheers from LA! — Congrats on the whole Skywalker Ranch saga- pure awesomeness!


    1. markp says:

      The IDmkIV white paper has an illustration of an image during recording mode displayed on an external HDMI monitor – there are black pillars on the sides – the 16:9 image is inside a 4:3 box on a 16:9 screen. Disappointing, and amazingly stupid.

  14. Hahaha you cheeky bastard :P, nice work ;D


  15. Carl says:

    Hey Philip,

    The kids want new sabers for Christmas, which one was that? Very cool!

  16. tom says:

    I want to see this camera in low light test, to see how good is it. can’t wait!

  17. Bernard Lau says:

    Didn’t expect the Sith to return!
    Very creative first test video Philip.

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    * * * * * * * *

  19. Charlie Liu says:

    did you realized that you got a Red light saber…
    It is what bad guy use…LOL

  20. Jay Alipit says:

    That is freakin hilarious. Lucky Lucky Lucky… feed us visuals when you get the chance. Happy Hols Everybody!

  21. Ehtasham Mallick says:

    Great !!! Anxiously waiting for more footage ……. Low light capability seems to be much better than anything by Canon at this time.

  22. martin clabburn says:

    I bet Steve’s now quaking in his boots!

  23. Javier Rivera says:

    Hey Phil. Is this the Albert Hughes, twin brother of Allen Hughes, director of “Menace II Society” “Book of Eli” Albert Hughes?

    1. pbloom says:

      Yep. That Albert Hughes

      1. Javier Rivera says:

        WOW! Did you guys hook up through Lucas or is he a fan of yours too?

        1. Javier Rivera says:

          I’m a dope sorry. Just re-read that you put that info at the bottom of the Lucas Post.

        2. pbloom says:

          Albert emailed me early last year when he first saw my work and we have been in touch ever since.

          1. Javier Rivera says:

            Can you please tell me how that email went? Was he already finished with Book of Eli? Please tell me I’ll be able to read your name on a big budget film on IMDB soon?

            1. pbloom says:

              this was before he started shooting the movie. It was just a very lovely complimentary email out of the blue

  24. this is parody to your video from 1d mkIV but honestly it looks like D3s is much more better (colors, noise, light)