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I have put the latest “Bloomfest” on hold as it takes a lot of organising and simply don’t have the time but I promise it will return soon. In the meantime if you have a 500d, 5dmkII, 7d or have access to one you can enter this film competition.

It’s not tied into any particular genre. The main rules are not a second over 4 minutes. HAS to be shot on either the 500D/ Kiss/ Rebel Ti, 7d, 5dmkII or the 1dmkIV (when that comes out), you can use any lenses, but the bodies are important. Oh, and no nudity or porn!

I am flattered to be asked to be a judge alongside “24” DP and Canon 5dmkII/ 7D owner Rodney Charters, Tim Smith & Amy Kawalder from Canon USA, Neil Smith & Jeremy Ian Thomas from RAWworks.

Screen shot 2009-12-06 at 18.57.25There are some incredible prizes on offer including a 1dmkIV, a 5dmkII, loads of Canon lenses all given away by organiser Neil Smith who runs RAWworks. I want a 1dmkIV but am not allowed to enter!

It starts on January 1st and ends on March 20th. The winners will be announced at NAB in Last Vegas in April. I will be there of course!

To enter you have to pay a $40 fee.

So click here to learn more and best of luck.

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  1. This is perfect since I’m pretty sure I’m getting a 5D Mark II for Christmas! Awesome!

  2. Dittrich says:

    Great competition! Participating as a rookie!

    On the cando website there is a typo. The titles for the buttons 5dmk2 and 1dmk4 are mixedup. Check it out

    1. Neil Smith says:

      Well spotted, Dittrich …. have fixed typo now …. hope to see your work soon up on the Can-Do.

      BTW … we had a play with the 1D MkIV the other day with Rodney Charters, ASC, …. the low-light capability is truly amazing.


  3. Steve Staffan says:

    Oh wow! this is great! Thanks for letting us know about this, I am going to try it!!

  4. Charlie Liu says:

    Come on, you know you can get an 1D4 any time you want it after it come out.

    Btw nice to know the competition.

    1. pbloom says:

      Yep by buying it!! That’s the only way I can get cameras. If you think people throw free cameras at me you are wrong. I WISH THEY DID THOUGH!!!

  5. Bernard Lau says:

    Sweet! And it seems like the competition is open for international entries.
    There’s going to be some awesome stuff sent in I think, so good luck to the great judging panel.

    Ah, typos on the tabs… We only wonder what the 5D MKIV would be like.

    1. Neil Smith says:

      Yes, Can-Do is definitely open to world-wide Canon shooters …. maybe we should rename it the:

      Can-Do International Film Festival …. just don’t tell the French.


      1. pbloom says:

        Hey Neil! I am a french national!!!

  6. Neil Dankoff says:

    Can we use any music (unlicensed)?

  7. L.E Curbelo says:

    Can we use any 35mm adapters like Letus or RedRock M2?

    1. pbloom says:

      gotta be shot with 5dmk2, 7d or 1dmkIV

  8. Mikevan says:

    The first rule: 1.All footage must be shot using ONLY the Canon EOS HD enabled DSLRs
    Does that mean No After Effects or other manipulation?

  9. Abe Duenas says:

    oh yeah, perfect timing. can’t wait!

  10. George Palfi says:

    Great! I’m going to participat! So guy you better watch your Canon 7D backs!!!

  11. Jimmy says:

    The money they make from the $40 should go to charity… easy for canon to give away a camera after its been funded bye the people? just a thought.

  12. Casey Ryan Stone says:

    Win a camera your required to own to enter, gee wizz that’s epic. I liked the spirit, but come on, even Nikon coughed up 125k for their contest.


    Hey this Guy Bloom has probably done more to sell Canon VDSLR cameras than anyone else in the world. OK YOU tell me who has had more of an impact then. Oh you can’t, that’s what I’m sayin. Show the poor guy some appreciation and give him A 1DMKIV will you. No Really just give it to him, God knows the SOB deserves it.

    I am totally serious. If you don’t, we will kidnap you and make you watch the New Episode of “The Critics” 24 hours a day.

  14. dpsv sh says:

    hi..i bought a canon 7d and still learning it.i shot some test scenes and there’s some noise on can t get rid of it..i tried 200-400 iso range.

  15. Neil Dankoff says:

    Can we use any music?