HD versions of the 3 Greenpeace commercials shot on the 5dmkII

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I have just got hold of 720p versions of the 3 spots of “Voices of Change”. The commercial I shot in India for Greenpeace using the Canon 5dmkII. Lucy Campbell-Jackson has also told me it will now be shown on more channels than originally planned reach an audience of 950 million. That’s pretty cool!

Thanks to Greenpeace for letting me show these. Here is link to blog with more info.

So here they are the 90,60 and 30 second spots.

Greenpeace: Voices of change. Shot on Canon 5dmkII from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

©2009 Greenpeace
Directed by Lucy Campbell-Jackson
DP Philip Bloom
Edited by Daniel Bird
Graded by Rob Chiu
Sound design by Ben Lukas Boysen aka Hecq.

Greenpeace: Voices of Change 60sec 5dmkII from Some Like It Shot on Vimeo.

Greenpeace: Voices of change. 30seconds Canon 5dmkII from Some Like It Shot on Vimeo.

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  1. Philip, these clips are brilliant!
    Thank you so much for your work and insights into the new world of possibilities with the Canon 5Mk2…
    And for the message.

  2. I love this footage. In my opinion the 5D footage stomps all over the 7D because of it’s full frame capability with lenses and low light performance. I have the GH1 and 5D and the GH1 really is made to look like a cheap camcorder when up against the 5D, which says a lot.

  3. Chris says:

    Damn. These vids are so good Philip. Slick as f**k.

    If you had to shoot these again would you still use the 5D or would plump for the 7D instead?

  4. Jason Smith says:

    Great stuff. And Ishan’s accent is mesmerizing; I’ve listened to the piece three times already.

  5. Slava Kouznetsov says:

    Excellent vids! Incredible footage! Very nicely edited and graded.
    Why greenpeace didn’t let you to grade the footage but ask Ronin to do that?
    950 million viewers! You are da man!

  6. Philip, in your opinion would this footage have been possible to similar standard by using a GH1, or would the codec have stuffed it up?

    For video journalist work would you choose the 5D, 7D or GH1? Cheers – Andrew

  7. Thx to your pioneering work, we’ll be using the 5D and 7D for the short ‘Man on the Street’ series for our site. Big budget look for reasonable price in our opinion..

    1. pbloom says:

      Thanks very much. When does your man on the street series start?

  8. Andrew Howe says:

    Looks even better in HD. Might as well round the viewers up to a nice round Billion.

    1. pbloom says:

      sure! will do!

  9. Just gets me more and more pumped to shoot some new work on my 7D. :) Great work Phil :)

    1. sam says:

      hey roberts. im torn between the 7d and 5d. do you have sample work of stuff you shot on the 7d in low lighting and wide angle (not fish eye)?

  10. Cliff Etzel says:

    Phillip – What was your audio setup for the audio narrative?

    I don’t see a lav and the audio seems to good to have been done with an on camera mic.

    1. pbloom says:

      Hi Cliff, it’s covered in the previous blog posts on this. But sound was a wireless Lav recorded using a Zoom H4N. I always hide mics. Hate seeing them.

  11. Mike Collins says:

    Hey Phil,

    Your work without a doubt is paving the way for people like me to shoot these types of things with a hybrid.

    Keep on rocking!


  12. Nick Padley says:

    These all look absolutely stunning. I’m in the middle of shooting my first Canon 5D Mk2 short and am currently sitting at my desk converting h.264 to pro res in line with your article. Thanks for the tips!