More Canon 7d footage


Here are some shots from last weekend’s Dublin Workshop from the F-Stop Academy. Shot on a prototype Canon 7d and a Canon 35mm f1.4 lens.

Just some random bits and pieces so you can see some daylight footage that I shot before I shot “Dublin’s People”

None of this is graded.

random dublin1

Random Dublin shots from workshop: Canom 7d from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
Get Elliott Smith’s Let’s Get Lost here

Bloom's USA Video Blog: The British Invasion

Bloom's USA Video Blog: The British Invasion

Also check out my very silly new Video Blog from Zacuto HQ, shot on the Canon 7d and lots of fish eye!

Please also check this out below. Andrea is seen in the above footage and this is the film she made on the workshop.

Weiblich from F-Stop Academy on Vimeo.

Filmed by Andrea Baczynski on a dirt cheap Nikon D5000 DSLR as part of the Dublin F-Stop Academy Cinematography workshop on the 6th September 2009. She came all the way from Austria to be part of our first workshop (in fact we had people from France, Germany, Dubai, Sweden and many other places too!)

Andrea has never shot video before, she has only ever worked in stills. This was her first time filming and I cut it together for her in the class in 20 minutes to demonstrate how you can do something very strong, very simply. Andrea’s idea of integrating herself with the statues was a terrific one and now she has a new excitement about the moving image.

Graded using Magic Bullet Looks. You can get Magic Bullet Looks from and get 20% off with the code bloom20.

I also used Nattress Film Effects to get the 2:35 to 1 Matte plug in to give it that wonderful aspect ratio.

Want to learn how to create the film look and much much more? Click below.



  1. Matt Moses says:

    Great opening shot… drips in slomo.. but the picture is real crisp..FANTASTIC! This kind of stuff is really changing the game – RED may as well just forget competing with this stuff and stick solely to their current market(s), because this stuff is TOTALLY good enough.. and that is all that matters really, isn’t it? I mean, aside from greenscreen (ugh) work, the market that this 7D targets can get away with lower sampling and color depth, because to get to the next level requires another $10-$20,000 and some quick ROI. But this little camera is the future. Welcome to the “good enough” generation!

  2. dromano1 says:

    Right or wrong I sold the 5d Mark ii and ordered the 7d. The video looks just as good as the ones coming at out of the 5d Mark ii and much easier to edit in native 24p. Even if Canon comes out with a firmware update with 24p, I am now just as interested in the 60p option for slow mo.

    By the way, are you doing an F-stop class in LA?

  3. Brilliant video. So simple and so beautiful.

    The video is really crisp and clear, moving bokeh is just a dream come true on a dSLR.

  4. Tracey Lee says:

    I honestly don’t think it’s just “good enough”…it’s better. I have edited 5D with XHA1 stuff (not that that’s the best camcorder out there or anything) but the 5D is consistently better IMO.

  5. This is beautiful. Are you using the Z-Finder for these shots? If so, is it allowing you to manually focus at apertures less than 2.0? I’ve read that the 7D’s LCD is useless below f/2.8 or so…

    1. HDWarrior says:

      Quote “I’ve read that the 7D’s LCD is useless below f/2.8 or so…” I can see f11 or smaller having an effect only because you are increasing the depth of field but there should be no problem with any LCD at F1.2-f5.6 as the depth of gets shallower so your focus becomes more critical …maybe this is what you were trying to convey… Does the 7Ds LCD allow critical focus.

      1. pbloom says:

        with the zoom in you can get focus at any aperture, on the fly it is harder. the zfinder helps as would a marshall monitor

      2. HDWarrior,

        Yes, critical focus. I was speaking in F numbers, not stop size. I apologize if there was any ambiguity. Thanks for the response though!

    2. pbloom says:

      hi stephen

      yes z-finder on. it massively helps you focus on the fly as does a decent monitor like the marshall

      1. Thanks, Philip. Great to know. I’m interested in the 7D’s capabilities in certain hand-held situations in which a monitor–even if mounted on the rig–might not be feasible. Again, the video is great…

    3. LCDVF says:

      With those loupe magnifiers like Z-Finder and ours it is actually much easyer to focus with apertures less than 2.8 than with apertures more than 2.8. All of our test subjects were using apertures from 1.2 to 2.8 with more accurate focusing results than with the 8.0 for example because of the pronounced DOF it is far more easyer to isolate the subjects than to miss them by a foot…

      1. ShaunWalker says:

        When does the LCDVF come out? Will you have an attachment option/supplement other than magnetic?

  6. Robert Hutchings says:

    The most important question: Is the aliasing issue as pronounced on the 7D as it is on the 5D?

    1. pbloom says:

      i have not done a side by side test to compare

  7. LFK says:

    The “bee part” is stunning ! Great one, as always with your work Phil.
    I’ve got too much Nikon lenses to go for canon but I hope they will compete with the 7D asap…

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. pbloom says:

      that and the water shots were shot at 720 50p and slowed down to 24p

  8. Philip, how did you check the 2,35:1 frame while shooting? And also I’d like to ask you if you used ND filters in daylight to keep the iris open.

    Thanks for the footage of course.

  9. Nice as always Philip! Were you using the Neutral picture style?

  10. ikos says:

    great job Philip, can’t wait to get my pre-ordered 7d. was wondering if there was any color correction done on the daylight footage?

  11. Mateo Moezzi says:

    Nice shots! crisp and clear images. how did you achieve the anamorphic format? in the post?

  12. sean says:

    Beautiful!.. as usual.

    A close friend of mine is involved in maintaining the musical estate and legacy of Elliot Smith.

    Do you have permission or clearance to use Elliot’s music in this context?
    I’m not sure of the ‘fair use’ policy in instances of this type, but I always think it’s better to be safe.

    Here in Portland, we take Elliot’s memory seriously.

    That said, it’s a fine combination and sets a great mood for your excellent images.


    1. thpriest says:

      i would never have heard of Elliot Smith if it wasn’t for this video.
      just a thought

  13. Dave "Kiwi" Van De Brake says:

    G’day Phillip,

    Its always rewarding to see interest in cinematography being rekindled by your talents and ability to create international kinship thru your use of the visual language, as well as educating in an easy way-the 5 C’s of cinematography…Make that 6 C’s…due to the fact of your easy going nature and consideration to embrace professionals and cinema enthusists!!

    Random Dublin was outstanding- well done mate!…Your work makes me smile in admiration…Keep up the great Work and Karma!

    Much like the Beatles some 4 decades ago -You have become The United Kingdoms Best Ambassador of Good Will due to your outstanding Cinematography, natural affinity,easy humour and thoughtful leadership!

    Best Regards, your friend

    Dave Van De Brake

  14. Martin Voelker says:

    My colleague worried about DOF with the 7D, given its smaller sensor. He’d better worry about focus. With the D5 he had problems during an interview where the talent slightly shifted position (leaning forward) and her eyes were no longer in that narrow sliver of focus.