7d with a BIG cinema lens on it

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Big thanks to Rodney Charters, the DP of 24 amongst many other things for sending me this.

It’s brilliant and I want one!

It’s the brand new Canon 7d with a Pani 24 to 275 T2.8 no vignetting shooting at a frame rate of 23.976

How Jealous am I?!


Not sure my Zacuto tactical shooter will cope with this one!

The mounts used by Rodney were custom made by Panavision for DP Shane Hurlbut’s feature about Navy Seals.


Oh and here is an even BIGGER ONE! This a 135 to 420 T2.8


The support for the camera was custom made for Rodney by Panavision.


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  1. Gert says:


    1. pbloom says:

      that is dutch for “I want one”

      1. Gert says:

        (in tears) YES!

  2. Diego Lama says:

    Is that the new form factor for the Panavision lens cap?

  3. Rambo says:

    Is the lens IS ..?????

  4. MaxG2009 says:

    the minute it arrives – I’m expecting a video review.

  5. […] Rodney Charters attached a Panavision 24-275mm lens to the 7D. We will post the footage as soon as it is available. From: http://www.philipbloom.co.uk […]

  6. paul says:

    Where did he get a PV to Canon FD adapter? More importantly, where can -we- get a PV or Arri PL to Canon FD adapter?

    Spectacular shot, anyway. I second Gert.

    1. paul says:

      Correction: Canon EF, nach.

      Still curious about that adapter…

  7. PhillipGibb says:

    quick put a matte box on the end and a rifle’s shoulder butt on the back, lol

  8. STR1337 says:

    WOW…. speechless!

    film really is transforming…

    just out of curiosity how much would that lens set you back?

    1. Paul Bryant says:

      I believe it rents for a little over a grand a day. And I don’t think you can own Panavision gear, only rent.

  9. yourdayondvd says:

    I’ll ask the ultimate question: 5D mkII or 7D?

    7D looks to excel in post, but will the crop frame be its downfall? And we know the 5D rocks, but converting in post takes time.

    Look forward to your recommendations (probably once you’ve tested one out!)

    1. Shane says:

      Crop frame as a downfall? Not quite.

      The APS-C sensor is very close to super-35 film (APS-C = 22.3×14.89mm, S35 = 24.89x16mm). Full frame (36x24mm) is quite a bit larger. That Panny lens wouldn’t cover the whole FF sensor of a 5D.

      1. pbloom says:

        It’s a big deal having that sensor on the 7d for big film makers with BIG lenses

  10. Florent says:

    OMG !

  11. […] philipbloom.co.uk has a nice photo of a Canon 7D fitted with an enormous Panavision cinema lens. […]

  12. heftyk says:

    holy weapon of god!

    now i wannna see the footage

  13. Bill says:

    I am confused, if this is an EF mount you could mount it on a 5D2 as well right?

    1. pbloom says:

      EF goes on both 7d and 5d. EF-S only on 7d

      1. Bill says:

        Sorry I thought I read on there that is was an EF mount, people have hacked EF-S to EF before though and if you are making a custom adapter anyways…

        I am wondering is there is a technical reason to go EF-S or is it just because they had a 7D so they made it fit?


        1. Kevin Bjorke says:

          Those lenses are made for 35mm cine use, so they probably look great on the 7D (verrrry slightly smaller than a four-perf movie-film frame) versus the 5D (where they would surely vignette like crazy).

          Here’s data on the top one: http://panavision.com/publish/2004/07/01/11to1.pdf

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  15. That’s a dream come true.

  16. digiteye says:

    Nice to see such giant lenses on an SLR cam, although I wonder what’s the use when the camera’s inappropriate sensor and processing renders PQ useless for serious TV production as it became clear from BBC’s white paper here: http://thebrownings.name/WHP034/pdf/WHP034-ADD39_Canon_5D_DSLR.pdf

  17. […] philipbloom.co.uk has a nice photo of a Canon 7D fitted with an enormous Panavision cinema lens. […]

  18. […] less sensitivity than the 5D, but allows the use of cheaper EF-S lenses (and much more expensive S35 cinema lenses). And it’s almost $1000 less than a […]

  19. […] less sensitivity than the 5D, but allows the use of cheaper EF-S lenses (and much more expensive S35 cinema lenses). And it’s almost $1000 less than a […]

  20. sean orelaja says:

    It’s all very well attaching pornographic lenses to the 7D, but what’s the ratio with a 1.6 crop sensor, I’m guessing you’d get around 45mm to 350mm which would be pointless for necessary wide angle shots. Nevertheless i’m certain the image quality will be quite sexy.

    1. pbloom says:

      they had a 1.6ish magnifier on it

  21. sean orelaja says:

    Then, bring on the porn!

  22. weprinfilms says:

    So I’m considering getting a PL mount to put on my 5D so that I can put on Zeiss super speeds and other great cinema lenses. I’m wondering though whether I would get a lot of vignetting on the 5D. Perhaps I could only use lenses made for an FF sensor such as the RED Pro Primes? Also, would the back glass protrude too far into the camera so that the mirror would have to be removed?

    Thanks in advance.