Someone’s not happy about the release of the Canon 7d!

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We’ve all seen them on youtube. Using the brilliant film 2004 film “Downfall” as it’s base, people have stuck all sorts of fun subtitles on mocking everything from XBOX live, the death of Michael Jackson or the new Avatar movie. So I decided it was time to do my own little one about something very close to my heart!

Just a word of warning. There is the odd F word in there, so don’t watch if easily offended! Sorry about the odd typo in there…


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  1. Rob Imbs says:

    I think it’s funny that almost everyone who watches this will have no idea what’s going on. But I was gasping for air I was laughing so hard.

    I’m sticking with my HVX and Letus 😉

  2. tharpey says:

    my dear God….i’ve never laughed harder. who would have known that hitler and myself could connect on so many levels. i identified with each tragic detail.

    i even felt complete empathy when he sat and tried to convince himself that there’s no way that Canon would leave the 5d owners out in the cold without a firmware release….

    mr. bloom – you’ve made my day! incredible work!!!

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  4. joe 1008 says:

    I thought that guy died in a french cinema? Or was it just a look-alike? But in the deepest of our souls we all are like him. I said exactly the same words just three hours ago…

  5. Lan Bui says:

    Dude… that was so funny!

  6. […] is until now, when I find this video… In Philip’s words… “Just a word of warning. There is the odd F word in […]

  7. gabe says:

    Good grief, that was great!

  8. MisaGarcia says:

    Haha! Watched this on my iPhone while in bed trying to stay quiet while my wife sleeps, I started laughing out loud! I couldn’t hold it in! Thanks Philip!

  9. millermiller says:

    That was funny, Hurd is just pissed because he’s got the 5DMk2.

    Nice work, James

  10. […] just put it at the end. Philip Bloom (who owns two 5DMkIIs, one of which was purchased recently) re-subtitled the now-famous ‘Downfall’ scene to address the frustrations of a lot of 5DMkII owners. It’s a good chuckle… of course […]

  11. Myles says:


  12. endeavour says:

    I laughed out loud at this until I realised there was absolutely no-one I could show this to who would realise why it was so funny. They would have more chance of understanding the German!

    1. pbloom says:

      i know, it is very geeky!!

      1. endeavour says:

        My mate laughed and I only had to coach him on codecs, cameras and firmware for about 10mins first. What really helped him though was knowing I owned a 5D Mark II :(

    2. Misfitted1 says:

      Oh Man, I’m right there with you guys. I played this for both my Production Company Partners (the Writer & the gorgeous Actress… typical, I know) and they both just looked at me like I had two heads or something. Obviously i’m the Director/Editor/Geek of the group.

      I didn’t care though… I was still laughing out loud. GREAT JOB!!!

  13. carl.bellamy says:

    A fascinating insight of life in ‘Bloom’s Bunker” as he waits for all of those Fed Ex review parcels to arrive.

    I too cried with laughter and then cried even harder when I realized that to share the joke with anyone else meant admitting to being an anorak :-( (I think I will keep this to myself)

    Look forward to reading your review on the 7D.

    Best wishes for the Dublin weekend

  14. […] In the meantime, please excuse the frustration voiced by many 5d Mark II owners — especially those who just bought one, like myself, and, apparently, Der Führer. If you’re tired of Downfall mashups, given how many there have been, you may want to skip this one (done by Philip Bloom). […]

  15. daniel dunn says:

    OMG, that was f***ing hilarious. You have to much time on your hands.

    1. pbloom says:

      i wish i did. It was done during insomnia hours when I should have been sleeping!

      1. And I just watched it during the insomnia hours when I should have been sleeping! Thanks for the laugh!

  16. John Novotny says:

    “those know nothings Bloom, Ibis, Chung have wasted my time!”


  17. Ty Haegs says:

    lol I should have known you did this as soon as I heard “Zacuto”.

  18. Ryan Gray says:

    you know your a geek when. . . this video has you laughing in stitches the whole time!! : ) great job phil!!