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It’s 3am here in Vegas and I have been up since 6am yesterday. I got up to go to Death Valley to do a nice short. It was great. Stunning scenery, hot and hopefully it will all come together nicely. Already got the music picked out! Anyway, I digress…I have just come from one of the 183 restaurants in the MGM Grand where I finally met Hien Tu Le, one half of Letus.

So, finally I was able to give a face to the voice. I think NAB will be a lot of that. I am having dinner with Steve Cahill on Tuesday and Brunch with Cher on Wednesday.

He showed me the new Ultimate, the latest and possibly greatest adaptor they have made. Hien told me about it at the end of last year and I have been desperate to see it. Tonight I did.

Unfortunately Steven Dempsey beat me to the punch and played with it briefly this week. Tomorrow/ Today/ Whatever the bloody day is, I get it for a day and half before it sits on the Zacuto stand for every Tom, Dick and Harry to drool over, fondle and attempt to pinch.

The best news is it’s a spinner, like the M2 and SgPro but a much much smaller spinning disc. The size and shape are almost identical to the Extreme but it being a spinner means dust is barely an issue now, high shutter speeds are finally possible and you can completely stop the lens down as well.

You also have a superb backfocus adjustment and a dial in speed counter. Also a low battery warning light and a dc in for external power.

I believe the bokeh is better and the light loss is half a stop. It is also going to be much more expensive, but I am trying to talk him down on that!

So, anyway I will get to do some shooting and I will post my results here very soon!

Speak soon!

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  1. Adam Vesely says:

    Hope you have a good time Philip, I wish I could go so I could meet you! Your short films are what helped me make my decision between the HVX200 and the EX1, so thanks for that. The last project you posted (Confession) was just brilliant, so keep up the good work and have a good time at NAB!

  2. JON says:

    I’m thinking of heading to NAB myself.

    I should know by tomorrow whether I’ll be going.

    I’ll let you know.


  3. Philip says:

    I also of course have my UK mobile +44 7970 986669

    The USA one won’t work until I get there

  4. Valdas Kotovas says:

    Hi Philip ! I will be arriving to Las Vegas on 18th. of April morning. I will rent a car and will drive to Zion National Park ( 3 hour ) to make some shooting . Come back to Las Vegas on Sunday 20th. Would you like to join me that weekend.
    Valdas ( another guy from Lithuania )

  5. Philip says:

    Hi Valdas,

    I will back in England on the 18th. So you will miss NAB?

  6. Valdas Kotovas says:

    No , Philip . I will not miss NAB.., I am going to Las Vegas not for that purpose.., want just to gain shooting experience in nature. It is pity , that we will not meet.. I will be in Lithuania sometimes to the end of june , if you like to come again there – you are very welcome, just let me know.
    Good luck , and Thank you for everything you done with your work and sharing…., a lot of guys including my self are very thankful for your guide to see video in different way. Thank you !

  7. Mark Dawson says:


    Have fun at NAB and enjoy your shooting if you get time. I will look out for your announcement on Sunday as I am sure by your standards it is going to be pretty cool…


  8. TJ Powers says:

    Hey Philip… I will give you a call when I’m out there. Have you been invited to the Apple event on Monday morning for breakfast at the MGM? I only ask because I have been invited and if we are both there then I could look for you. If not I’m sure we can hook up some other way. Looking forward to it. See you there.

  9. Philip says:

    No T J I haven’t. Just arrived in my room in the MGM Grand. V nice it is too. Also got a nice Mustang Convertible. Bit tired though, long journey. Looking forward to Death Valley tomorrow.

  10. TJ Powers says:

    I can imagine you must be exhausted. Don’t burn up out in the desert. They don’t call it death valley for nothing!

    I’ll be there tonight.

  11. Scott K says:

    Wow! That is great news!

    So, are you keeping your EX1, or are you going for the new EX3 ?? I assume Letus is making an adapter to go directly on the front of the EX3.

    Now I don’t know which camera to go for!

    Scott K.

  12. Philip says:

    Check back tomorrow here for more info. That info was not supposed to come out until Sunday afternoon. Nigel has jumped the gun.

  13. Fergle says:

    I wonder how many people will be selling their EX1s now… :)

  14. stevecahill says:

    I got one for sale as soon as the new one is available. After I check it out @ NAB

  15. sato says:

    Can I atach LutesUltimate directory to EX3?

  16. John in SB says:

    EX1 owners can relax, the EX3 is a larger and, admittedly, more feature-rich camera, but it’s the same sensor and same basic camera. The size and price differences is significant enough to separate the two into their own niches. Phil has done some amazing work with the EX1, proof enough that it’s going to be around for a while. Thanks PB for all your efforts!

  17. Fergle says:

    The proper viewfinder, interchangeable lenses, and the prospect of a 35mm RELAY adapter are enough of a reason for me to sell my EX1 for an EX3… But at the same time, it does irritate me…

  18. Steven Dempsey says:

    There’s nothing “unfortunate” about beating you to the punch :)

  19. tai says:

    Hi there Fergle.
    Kindly explain your comment; ….” prospect of a 35mm RELAY adaptor..” for the EX3. 0- RELAY?.. What would be the difference?
    Sorry, Iam from a total film background…..new to all this wonderfull electronic maddness….Plse inform on this whole adaptor thing….What is the widest one could go with the EX 1 & 3 ? – Could you for instance use an 16mm Optex 4mm w/a lens on the Letus or other adaptor? Why are they called 35mm adaptors? Can u only use 35mm lenses? – Sorry for the ?’ss…in the dark here abit…..
    I have a set of nice ‘slow’ mostly t4 Pentax Takumars 6×7 lenses ( 35, 55, 75, 105, & 150mm ) that I have adapted to PL mount to use on my Arri 35mm camera. Could I use them on the EX1 & Letus…I see they do a PL mount….?
    Thx for the imput, tai

  20. Brandon says:

    Hello Phil!
    I just got an HVX and I was going to get the Extreme but know I see that they are coming out with the ultimate. Well anyways i was just wondering if you knew when he the ultimate is coming out, and if you how much it is going to cost?